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Friday, November 1, 2013

My Favorite Author: Eden Summers

Welcome! This is a new, monthly feature here on the blog. Every month I talk about one of the authors on my list of "Favorites." I'll tell you why they're one of my favorites and in some cases, how I discovered them. Then, as my gift to you, I will give you a chance to win your choice of e-book by that month's author. At the end of the month I will chose one person and they will get to pick what book they'd like. So read on and don't forget to fill out the rafflecopter form at the end!

I just couldn't resist making Eden Summers this month's pick for My Favorite Authors! She's the newest addition to my list of favorite authors AND my "Signed Book Wishlist" and all because of a chance I took a few months ago.

I follow a lot of authors these days on Facebook and while I have read a lot of those author's books, there still remains a number of authors who's books I REALLY want to read. Eden Summers was one of those authors. Lucky me, one day she was asking for reviewers for the first book in her new rock star romance series. Not only did I want to give her books a try, I really wanted to read a contemporary romance novel because as much as I love historical romance, that's all I had been reading and reviewing for quite a while. I needed a change ASAP!

So I let her know I was very interested, never expecting that I would be given a chance, I mean, why would I? She doesn't know me from Eve and she already had some fans interested in the book. I didn't think I stood a snowball's chance in hell because that's usually the case with me.


I was so excited, and a little nervous (as I often am when asking or being asked to review a book) about trying something new, especially in contemporary romance. Some people may not have a problem with it but I don't like giving negative reviews! So here I was trying to find out as much information on Eden's writing style as I could, and believe me it wasn't easy, I'm still new to this blogger world and my circle of blogger friends is very small (but awesome).

The ARC for Blind Attraction arrived in my inbox a few weeks later and I just couldn't wait to get started. I pretty much devoured Mitch and Alana's story in a short time. I was impressed with the storyline, especially *SPOILER* when Alana temporarily loses her eye sight and has to not only depend on Mitch for a while, but get to know him without his looks clouding her judgement** I loved the dialogue and interactions, not only with Mitch and Alana but with all the characters! Whenever there were two or more members of Reckless Beat together it was always a smart ass, laugh out loud good time and that's just as important as the sex scenes, which were hot! So yeah, I was addicted to this series right away and mentally stored away the fact that there would be more books to come.

After reading Blind Attraction (my review can be found here), it took me a while to buy another of Eden's books. Not because I didn't want to, but like MANY book addicts, I'm cash strapped. So when my birthday rolled around in September and was asked what I wanted, I said "Books. Or Amazon Gift Cards so I can buy books." Frankly I was surprised that they listened to me because this isn't the first time I've asked for books. That's when I bought Sneaking a Peek (my review) and Ravenous (also reviewed), two of Eden's novellas. Hopeful but wary, I started to read them, and once again was impressed with the mix and balance of humor, witty dialogue and of course, the hot sex scenes. I don't like "Fade to Black" sex, or "Blink and You Miss It" sex, let alone boring sex scenes, but I also don't like over the top descriptions and sex scenes in every chapter, unless it's erotica, because then I know that's what I'm in for. After reading these two novellas I was convinced Eden was one of the few authors who could write a sex scene that was both erotic yet tasteful (at least to me).

So here I am, ready to post my review on Passionate Addiction, book 2 in the Reckless Beat series (Out November 15), which I was also lucky enough to get an ARC copy of (Go me!). So heads up, because when my review posts, you're going to hear a lot about Blake in my Facebook posts and my tweets. I love reformed bad boys, guitar players and tall men and Blake is all three and more.

I'm horrible. This book isn't even out yet and I'm already anticipating the next book in the series. I'm such a groupie. Proud of it too.

Find Eden Summers:
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The winner at the end of this month will receive their choice of e-book by Eden Summers, that includes Passionate Addiction so get to entering and come back daily to increase your odds of winning!

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