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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Review: My Notorious Gentleman by Gaelen Foley

Format: .mobi (purchased)
Release Date: July 30, 2013

Notorious and fearless, Lord Trevor Montgomery must confront his greatest challenge yet: marriage!

Shy, warm-hearted Miss Grace Kenwood knows she has no chance of tempting her new neighbor, Lord Trevor Montgomery. Every eligible beauty is swooning over the brooding former spy. Even though he once kissed her senseless, he can have no interest in someone like her. Yet somehow, the seductive rogue unleashes her own inner devil…

Every lady loves a hero, but Trevor has no interest in any of them— except for the refreshingly candid Grace. If he had a heart left, Grace might steal it. She insists he's better than he thinks. He's sure she's absolutely wrong. Until danger threatens, and Trevor rediscovers how easy it is to be a hero…for the right lady.

On the one hand, I'm pretty ticked that I had to wait to buy and read My Notorious Gentleman because I am a die hard Gaelen Foley fan, but on the other hand, by waiting to read it, there's a shorter wait for me until the next, and last book of the Inferno Club series. Yes I am going to cry because I adore this series, and although I wasn't thrilled with the previous book, it didn't dim my love for the author one bit.

Now that their true purpose has been revealed, the Inferno Club members' days of espionage is over, but that doesn't mean that their finely honed skills disappear as well.

One night while trying to escape the crush of a ball, reluctant hero Trevor Montgomery hides in a room that is already occupied. By a woman. Fed up with their ruthless pursuit of him, he decides to take what he mistakenly thinks she's offering. He kisses her senseless until the lady finally manages to pry herself loose and scold him for his assumptions. They part ways but Trevor decides he's intriqued by the lady and returns to the ball to put his old skills to use. With little effort, he finds out her name is Grace Kenwood, a parson's daughter.

Grace is used to being ignored in favor of the younger, more beautiful girls. Resigned to her life as a spinster, she buries her frustrations in her work, namely helping people. She has never had a problem controlling her urges or thoughts. But when Trevor purchases the land next hers, she finds herself having all sorts of naughty thoughts and for the first time, she feels intensly attracted to a man.

My Notorious Gentlemen doesn't have much in the way of intrigue and spy games but there is a bit of action and danger in the last 1/4 of the book that allows readers to see why Trevor made an exceptional spy. Unlike his former spy comrades, Trevor doesn't handle the attention very well. Tormented by the memories of his life as a spy, he wants nothing to do with the glitz and glamor of the city, much less silly, empty headed girls who only want him because of his notoriety. I liked Trevor a lot because he isn't comfortable in his new role as "hero." While most men would bask in the adoration of society, Trevor shuns it in favor of a quiet life in the country. He's a brooding hero who is less than confident of himself as a man. He's my kind of man!

I could have easily mistaken Grace as a paragon of goodness and virtue and dismissed her as ridiculous and useless, however, if you really pay attention, Grace isn't as big a goody two shoes as every one thinks. I see why she had to pretend though. She's firmly on the shelf with next no marriage prospects, a parson's daughter and poor to boot. All she has to cling to is her reputation as a good woman. Should any thing happen to her father, she'd stand a better chance of someone taking her in than if she was a wild, reckless, over opinionated female. Grace projected an outward image of being dull, malleable, and beyond reproach when in reality she sometimes just wants to scream at the stupidity of those around her. I can really relate to faking a personality in order to survive in a harsh society.

Another aspect of My Notorious Gentleman that I enjoyed was how Trevor and Grace's relationship developed. It was slow and hesitant, starting out as a flirty friendship that gave both characters a chance to get to know each other without the whole of society standing between them. There was enough time for Grace to realize that she isn't the paragon every one thinks she is and that it's okay to want something for herself and to fight for it. Watching her shed her "saintly" personality for a more honest one was entertaining.

A bit predictable at times, My Notorious Gentleman was overall, a fun, lighter side of the Inferno Club series, and it was nice to have a cameo by a previous couple, even though they weren't my favorites.

What I didn't expect was the shocking bit of information Trevor receives towards the end regarding the Inferno Club's deceased leader. That little bit teases readers a bit with a shocking fact that begins to set up the final *sniffle* book in this great series by one of my absolute favorite authors. My Notorious Gentleman is part of a series but can be enjoyed as a standalone.

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1 comment:

  1. Alright I'm so gonna have to try these. I've never read this author before but dang the hero sounds awesome. I love the grumbly broody ones that are a little damaged. And I'll sob with you about it ending. It's always so sad seeing the last one happen.


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