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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Favorite Author, er Authors: Lydia Dare

Welcome! This is a new, monthly feature here on the blog. Every month I talk about one of the authors on my list of "Favorites." I'll tell you why they're one of my favorites and in some cases, how I discovered them. Then, as my gift to you, I will give you a chance to win your choice of e-book by that month's author. At the end of the month I will chose one person and they will get to pick what book they'd like. So read on and don't forget to fill out the rafflecopter form at the end!

This month I've chosen Regency Paranormal author Lydia Dare, who is actually two very talented authors writing as a team. Tammy Faulkner and Ava Stone are each successful romance authors on their own but when they write as Lydia Dare, wow!

I was bouncing back and forth between historical and paranormal romance back in 2011 when out of nowhere I thought I wonder if anyone has ever written a paranormal romance that takes place in Regency England. Well you know how they say "Google is your friend?" It certainly is! I typed in "Regency Paranormal romance" and one of the first names that popped up was Lydia Dare. So off I go to check out these books that are described as "Romance with a wild streak" and in a matter of seconds I decide that I must have these books!

The next day I manage to procure (in other words I nagged) a trip to the used book store in hopes of finding Lydia Dare's books. Well I was in for some disappointment, the book store I usually went to didn't have any. Thinking I was going to have to go home empty handed, I sulked back to the car. Noticing my disappointment, my unlucky chauffeur suggested I grab the phone book under the seat and check for other used book stores close by. Lo and behold there were THREE in the area and before I knew it, we were off to the closest one.

Thank the book fairies that this one DID have Lydia Dare's books, the first three in the Westfield series and the first two in the Gentlemen Vampyre series, both of which are connected to each other and I suggest you read them in order! Anyway, not one to waste time I started reading A Certain Wolfish Charm and finished it in about a day. I thought "Hmm, not bad, this could be the start of a beautiful relationship."

It was!

I became enamored of the Westfield brothers and the Gentlemen Vampyres but it wasn't until I read The Taming of the Wolf (By the way, am I the only one who thinks the woman on the cover looks like actress Keri Lynn Pratt?) that I fell headlong in love. Dashiel Thorpe was the total opposite of the Westfield brothers. He didn't know that there were more like him. He didn't know how to control his wolf and though he was an Earl, as a wolf he was lost and very much alone. Oh how I fell in love with him and was a little saddened that his book was the last book released.

Then came Weston, Grayson and Archer Hadley, Dash's reckless, penniless, younger half-brothers.

Let me tell you: They. Are. FUN! These men are uncouth, wild, temperamental and just a tad uncivilized. Their easy acceptance of Dash as their elder brother and therefore their alpha made sure that Dash would have appearances in each of their books. Granted, it's mostly to scold or yell at them for something stupid that they've done or said but it's just so entertaining to see Dash trying to corral brothers he didn't know existed for most of his life. Weston's book was first, The Wolf Who Loved Me paired him with a woman who was his opposite in almost every way.

Then came Weston's twin, Grayson's book (I love that name for some reason, it's sexy to me) which saw Gray paired up with one spitfire of a woman, an American woman with a penchant for using swear words (which endeared her to me) and who was familiar with the lycan world. Liviana's brothers are also wolves so it was a departure from the usual makeup of Lydia Dare's heroines who up until Wolfishly Yours didn't know the hero was a wolf. Livi may not have been able to shift into a wolf but she did have some rather unique abilities, a keener sense of smell for one. I really loved that book, especially Livi.

Now I wait impatiently for the last of Dash's half brothers, Archer, to get his own chance at happiness. The oldest of Dash's half brothers, he is constantly bedeviled by the woman Dash hired to um, tutor the grown men on things like manners, clothing and basically how to be gentlemen. There hasn't been any news on that front.

While I'm waiting for Acher's book I'm also wondering if Liviana's brothers will also be getting there own books. I hope so, I'd hate to see such a wonderful series and characters just abruptly stop.

There you have it, one of the few Regency Paranormal Romance authors that I adore. So how about you? Have you read Lydia Dare? Know of any other Historical Paranormal authors I should try?

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