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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Blog Tour: Covert Affairs by Jennifer James (Interview + Giveaway)

Hello fellow readers! Today I have the lovely Jennifer James on the blog and she's going to be chatting about books, tv shows and text bombing Liz from Fictional Candy. Thank you Jennifer for your time and thank you Liz for being such a good sport and sharing your author friends ;)

Visitors be sure to leave Jennifer some love and enter the giveaway at the end of the interview!

About Jennifer:
Jennifer James hates to talk about herself in the third person and has now started so many series books she’s wondering if she has a mental illness. A traditionally published author who recently dipped her toes into the oceans of Indie land; she’s finding the water quite nice and plans on sticking around. She loves Dirty Palmers in the summer, Spiked Cocoas in the winter, and Jack and Honey with Pepsi any time at all. Recent college grad, wife, mother, cat wrangler, and dog belly scratcher, Jenn spends a lot of time at her computer, frowning at the shenanigans of people only she can hear.


Hi Jennifer! Welcome and thank you for stopping by. I also want to thank Liz over at Fictional Candy for pointing out my little blog to you!

Liz is awesome. I followed her blog before I published, and I still do.

But now we’re friends and I have her phone number, so I can randomly text bomb her. *heeheehee*

My last text to Liz? “Candy Gram” 
Lol, I wonder what Liz's reaction to that one was! 

Okay, let's begin. *Rubs hands together*

Bring. It. On. *Gets helmet and shoulder pads, pours giant spiked coffee*

Can you tell me (and those visiting) a little about yourself and your latest book Covert Craving?

Apples and kiwi but not strawberries. Nectarines and unicorns. Hitchhicker’s Guide. Books, millions of books, a house full of books if I could have it. Vampires, werewolves, magic, urban fantasy, Nalini Singh, Keri Arthur, Bachelor’s of English with a minor in business. Clevelander, but want to move west. Geeky nerd girl and proud of it. Mom. Married to high school sweetheart. Lactose intolerant, but still eat ice cream ‘cause I have random bouts of stupidity fueled by writing slumps and laundry.

Covert Craving is a mash-up that shouldn’t make sense, shouldn’t work at all, but does. Colorblind detective, naked vigilante girl, genetic manipulation, alligator shape-shifter, dubious government agencies, horny computer hacker, and chase scenes. I know, it’s crazy. But try it, you might like it. LOL
Horny computer hacker huh? Uh, I mean, genetic manipulation sounds intriguing.  

Where did you get the idea for the Project Genesis trilogy?

Actually, the Entangled Publishing website. They put up really cool calls for submission. Things like, “geek stories” and “superhero stories”…..and usually what happens in my head is that I mash all that together and come up with something that borrows from all those things and doesn’t quite fit any of them.

I’ve only subbed one book to them and got a very nice, personal rejection letter. I used that letter to revise and sold my first book, Love Kinection, to Decadent Publishing. Maybe I’ll try selling Entangled another manuscript someday. But in the mean time I’ll keep lurking their blog.

In your opinion, what is it about the romance genre that keeps fans coming back for more?

Happy Endings! (The HEA kind….and the sexy kind. Even in sweet romance, you know it’s gonna happen, the author just isn’t painting the picture for you.)

Romances are hopeful. They’re about good things, things going right, even though the entire book might have been a struggle of horrible. In the end, we get LOVE. And love is a good thing. Love keeps us all trying, everyday. Love is what holds us all together. 

What authors do you like to read whenever you have spare time?

Nalini Singh, Laurell K. Hamilton, Jeaniene Frost, Kevin Hearne, Seanan Mc Guire, Keri Arthur, KMM, Karen Chance, Mina Carter, Ann Mayburn, JoAnne Kenrick, Milly Taiden, Cassandra Carr, Sabrina Garie, Ellie Heller, Patricia Briggs

So far, what has been the most rewarding thing about being an author?

Making new friends. ☺ I get to talk to writers I was reading long before I published, and I get all fangirly. And I love it when someone chats me up online. If they want to talk books, even better! Love love love that. Sometimes I get a PM from someone laughing about a part of one of my books and I melt into a puddle of author goop.

But the friends are the best part. I love being able to talk about books with people.

Totally non-book related but I have to ask, what are your favorite tv shows of all time?

Buffy. Angel. MacGyver. SUPERNATURAL! (Team Dean people. DEAN.) Falling Skies. Firefly. Ghost Hunters. Paranormal State. Eureka. (If it’s on SyFy, I probably like it. lol) The Fades (weird show I found on Amazon, from Britain. Awesome and scary and too cool for school.) DOCTOR WHO. True Blood. Sons of Anarchy. Breaking Bad.

Since I don’t have cable, I don’t watch a lot of stuff, or I’m behind.

What are you working on now?

It’s a secret! (Hugs PC and looks for people trying to hack my files.)


Final edits on Nymphs of New York #1: Rock Hard And Wet.

Rewrites and plotting for the rest of my fae biker series. Riding With The Hunt. First book is called Peyton’s Ride.

HOWL #2: Disciplined, and plotting book three in that series.

Also poking a stick at a contemporary stand alone book or two. I like to free write on those.

And I’m wandering around Wikipedia, reading stuff, getting lots of mental fodder for Project Genesis book two. 

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Embrace your nerdiness and fly that geek flag high.

Send an author you like a hug. We need them.

On that note, friend authors you like online and say hi to them. They absolutely want to hear from you unless they’re a creep, in which case, you don’t want to be friends with them anyway.

Talk to your pets every day. Sometimes they’re the only ones who can really understand.

Have sex with your lover as often as possible. Human touch can’t be replaced by machines.

Read a book by an author you’ve never heard of, and no one has told you about, in a genre you’re unsure of. It’ll broaden your horizons.

Read non-fiction too. People are amazing and their stories can change your life for the better.

The world is full of beauty. Help spread it.

Thanks for having me on. ☺ 

Jennifer, you're such a fun guest, I hope you'll stop by again soon! 

She just stripped in front of an NYPD detective...

The glow-in-the-dark water at Camp Sunny Woods left Chloe Saunders with the ability to disappear from sight.

Thirteen years later, she uses her “gift” to take out criminals when she can. If she’s got to be part of a freak show, she’s going to do some good while in the buff.

And he’s enjoying studying every luscious curve…

Color blind detective Jacob Greiff smokes to weaken the overwhelming messages his nose sends him. One summer camp trip was enough for him. His priority right now is busting the vigilante leaving burglars tied up with panty hose and women’s scarves.

He thinks he’s hallucinating when he sees a petite, bare foot brunette in an enormous trench coat at his crime scenes because for the first time in years, he’s seeing someone in full color.

He’s not sure he’s buying it, but Chloe sure looks great when she’s “invisible.”

Despite his own supernatural abilities and the raging lust between them, Greiff wonders if Chloe isn’t some kind of nut who gets off on public nudity. She insists she can disappear from view when naked, that he’s the only one who can see her when she’s in the buff.

Their shared past comes to a treacherous intersection when a man shows up at Chloe’s apartment and informs them at gun point it’s time to report for duty—or else.

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  1. Hey I want your geek flag!!! :) Thanks for having me on hon! I'll be back. (But not with Arnold or Edward. They're both really weird.:) )

  2. Land Shark.

    I adore this interview, for so many reasons. See, Adria, I told you Jennifer was awesome! :)

    And yes, Team Dean. Actually, I'm on Team Clone Dean and Have Two of Him.

  3. Super heroes and geekiness combined love it! Adding it to my TBR list.

  4. I'm happy to be one of those friends.

  5. Thank you Liz for sharing the awesome :)

  6. I scrambled to make one Jennifer! I've been working on little graphics for the blog and the Geek flag 1.0 is one of them. I'm hoping to have version 2.0 done soon. Glad you liked it and thanks for stopping by!

  7. I LOVE YOU. :) <3 You're one of the most awesomest people ever.

  8. Two? Two Deans?
    Wait...damn it! I hate not having cable. I'm a season behind. *grrrr* and I refuse to go to a tv show piracy site. >:(

    Liz, what is this awesome??

    Also...flower delivery

  9. I loved being here. Geek flags are good.

  10. Hi Ann! Thank you. :) That's a huge compliment


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