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Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Favorite Author: Tessa Dare + Giveaway

Welcome! This is a new, monthly feature here on the blog. Every month I talk about one of the authors on my list of "Favorites." I'll tell you why they're one of my favorites and in some cases, how I discovered them. Then, as my gift to you, I will give you a chance to win your choice of e-book by that month's author. At the end of the month I will chose one person and they will get to pick what book they'd like. So read on and don't forget to fill out the rafflecopter form at the end!

Photo by: Raphael Maglonzo
This month's author is the lovely Tessa Dare!

Just the thought of Tessa Dare's books makes me smile. Especially her Spindle Cove series. Flirty, funny and passionate stories, that's Tessa Dare's style, one that has made me a die hard fan for a number of years. She's one of the handful of authors who can make me giddy at just the thought of a new release. Her books create a "happy place" for readers to go to and enjoy before they have to get back to reality and all its responsibilities.

It's been a few years since I first picked up one of her books. Back before e-readers were all the rage, used bookstores were this "Peasant Reader's" salvation. Having absolutely nothing to do for hours on end one summer, I headed to the local used bookstore looking for historical romances. After browsing for about 30 minutes I saw six books by the same author sitting together. Hoping that it was a complete series (I hate reading books out of order), I bought them.

Once at home I Googled the author, Tessa Dare and found that the six books were actually two separate trilogies, The Wanton Dairymaid trilogy and The Stud Club trilogy. Yay me right?!

I dove into Goddess of the Hunt and read it in one day. At the end of 5 days I had read Surrender of a Siren and A Lady of Persuasion. I quickly realized that there was something special about Tessa's books. They're historical romances with a modern feel that doesn't completely disregard the time period in which they take place.

After reading The Stud Club Trilogy I was eager for more of Tessa's wonderful stories and once again headed to her site to learn when she was going to release a new book. As luck would have it, the first book in an all new series was to be released a mere month from that very day. When A Night to Surrender was released, I quickly
rushed to my local Target store to buy it and read it in one night! It was that good! I fell in
love with the idea of a place for those well bred young ladies who didn't quite fit in with the elite crowd of the time period and the unusual "treatments" they were subjected to.

Fast forward to today and I have just read the fourth book in the Spindle Cove series, Any Duchess Will Do (my thoughts on that book can be found here). I have found the characters in each book delightful and lovable.

As of right now, A Week to Be Wicked remains my favorite book in the
series. Who doesn't love a reckless rake as a hero and a stubborn bluestocking as a heroine? However, with the way the series is progressing, Colin and Minerva may have some competition as my favorites in the near future.

Another talent Tessa has is writing very satisfying novellas. So many times I feel cheated by novellas, as if they leave far too much out and end up with too many "holes" in the story. They always feel too rushed for me. That's never the case with Tessa's novellas. She knows how to write short stories that leave a reader feeling satisfied and happy. With her novellas I feel like I'm getting a full book for a great price.

Tessa Dare has a true talent for creating witty characters and passionate stories but she never forgets to include that little dash of humor that make her books so special. She is one of the authors on my "Must get a signed book from" list. Everyone has hobbies you know ;)

Did I mention Tessa's also super nice? Yep, I've been lucky enough to chat with her on Twitter and during book discussions via GoodReads, which Diana and Carrie do a fantastic job of setting up so props to them, they're super sweet too.

What more can a romance fan ask for?

Find Tessa Dare:

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE to give away romance novels (and swag when I can) so at the end of this month I am going to give one lucky reader ANY one of Tessa's books in digital format. All you have to do is fill in the rafflecopter form to be entered. That's not all, later this month I will be giving away The Stud Club trilogy in PRINT format to a US/CAN resident so you'll want to keep a look out for that. 

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  1. Ahhh yeah I remember the novella you were talking about. I am going to read her one day and plan on starting there. I really enjoy historicals like that. Where they have a little modern feel but still really are historicals. Definitely bonus that she's a nice lady :) Love how you stumbled upon her and found something you love!

  2. I have a thing for cut arms on a man, and who has better arms than a blacksmith. Soooooo, I would definitely pick Beauty and the Blacksmith.

  3. Any Duchess will do! I love that premise of the book!

  4. Thanks for the giveaway. I had trouble commenting, so I did as you suggested, and used a different browser.


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