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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Giveaway: The Charmed by Christine Wenrick

Olivia Ann Greyson sees only one future for herself—to compose and perform the music she has loved since she was a child. But that future changes in an instant when a commuter train taking her to the city crashes and is attacked by, unbelievably, a coven of vampires! As the rabid creatures feed their thirst on the surviving passengers, Olivia is spared from an unthinkable fate because of the intervention of another vampire—Caleb Wolfe, a figure from her past who, for reasons he doesn’t understand himself, would do anything to protect her.

After one familiar touch, Olivia recognizes the man behind the vampire. Soon love, and a powerful supernatural connection, begins to grow between them. But with that connection Olivia starts to notice starling changes happening within herself, and violent events make it clear that the vampire coven which wanted her the night of the train crash won’t stop until they have her.

Time is running out for Olivia and Caleb to discover why all this is happening. And the answers they find may painfully tear their new love apart.

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  1. Oh I was *just* looking at this one on Amazon and thinking about it. I'm not entering since seriously I have WAY too many books here now but was curious if you've read it.

  2. I have. I've read and reviewed the whole trilogy. I loved it. It was one of the few first person romances I've read that I enjoyed. My favorite one was the third book. Hopefully I'll get a chance to read and review the next book in a new connecting series she's working on.

  3. Ahh good to hear! You know it might have been here I read about it then. lol I swear my memory some days. Whew.

  4. I know what you mean! My memory is spotty at best.

  5. I gotta agree Adria...I'm reading the trilogy now and am loving it. I'm so not a 1st person fan, but I really don't mind with these books.

  6. I didn't mind either and that really just shows how well written the books are.

  7. I read to get lost in a fantasy world, which is what paranormal allows me to do! Barrie


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