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ARC Review: Blind Attraction by Eden Summers

Format: .mobi (provided by author)
Release Date: May 28, 2013

He can seduce with a single glance.

Peering down at a sea of fans, rock star, Mitchell Davies can’t deny the innocent beauty of a woman in the front row. He’ll stop at nothing to get to know her. When a public altercation leaves her weak and defenseless, he takes the opportunity to be her savior.

She’s been sheltered from the world.

Alana Shelton wants to spread her wings and experience life away from her restrictive upbringing. But she isn’t prepared for a gorgeous stranger to sweep her off her feet while at her most vulnerable.

Attraction will bring them together, but their pasts will try to tear them apart.

He wants to teach her how to trust, but she’ll show him how to love. In a glamorous world of rock-and-roll, only time will tell if they’re up for the challenge.

I've been wanting to read a romance with a musician/celebrity as one of the main characters but have put it off due to the latest "trends" in romance not being my cup of tea. I also didn't want to read a romance where every other line of dialogue was a music pun. Enter Blind Attraction, the first book in a series about an insanely popular band made up of five men, Blake, Mason, Ryan, Sean and Mitchell, better known as Reckless Beat.

While playing an intimate concert for their most devoted fans, lead guitarist Mitch spies a beautiful woman in the audience who doesn't quite fit the criterea of Super Fan. Mitch knows the perks, and has taken advantage of them on numerous occasions but for some reason, this mystery woman is different. He doesn't want her to be one of the groupies and is delighted to find that she not only ISN'T a longtime fan, but that she isn't impressed with his level of fame, in fact, his fame seems to be one very big strike against him.

Alana Shelton's taking some very big steps for someone who has lived in seclusion most of her life. She's at her first concert and away from home. Unsure of what to expect, she catches the eye of the lead guitarist of the band and begins making some very interesting discoveries about herself, men, and the world in general. Though she's had a sheltered life, Alana never comes across as stupidly naive, dumb or annoying. I honestly though that because of her background, she was going to be one of those dreaded female characters with the "Save Me I'm Helpless and Dumb as Dirt" complex. I'm so happy she was the opposite. Alana's willingness to continuously step outside her comfort zone made her a respectable female character and someone to admire. She also calls Mitch by his full name, "Mitchell" in perhaps an attempt to separate the man from the music idol. At least, that's my theory.

Though meant to be the supporting cast, the remaining members of Reckless Beat are hard to keep in the background, they're funny, sarcastic and intriguing. Thankfully, they'll each be getting their own books. I do hope Alana's friend Kate will be part of the cast for a long time to come, she's quite refreshing in her roles as Reckless Beat groupie, Mother Hen and Loyal Friend.

Not to be overlooked is the chemistry between Mitch and Alana. It's immediate and electrifying but also tender, unsure and timid. There was a moment where I thought Blind Attraction was going to turn into one of those novels where a third person gets thrown into the sex scenes for no other reason than it's the "in thing" to do and does nothing to further the story. Not so, but that's all I will say on it, you'll have to get the book and read it.

The pacing of the story is moderate, with enough time spent on establishing and developing the relationship between Mitch and Alana as well as their individual growth. There's never a dull moment in this book and before I knew it, I was at the end of the story and desperate for the next installment.

Blind Attraction is a sizzling, humorously entertaining start to a series that will have readers falling in love with Mitch, Alana and the rest of the gang. I'm definitely a Reckless Beat groupie and I cannot wait for book 2 in the series!


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  1. Darn it Adriana. I had my reading planed out for the next few days and I'm gonna have to re-arrange it again. lol. I have this and was planning on it next week but I think I'm gonna have to read it sooner. I'm already loving the heroine. Sounds like my kinda girl!

  2. Lol I love to cause chaos with people's reading order! This book was so much fun.

  3. I was so getting ready to read it then eep realized one of my netgalley books has been archived and I only had a week left on it's "loan".


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