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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Cleaning! Print book giveaway #1

Everyone has some spring cleaning to do and I'm no exception. I've been reading romance novels for over 10 years and I'm not the type of person that's content to just borrow my favorite books to read because inevitably I am going to want to read a particular book at 10 o'clock at night and well, libraries aren't open at that time. So over the years I've bought books left and right, new and used.

The problem is that my living situation has changed drastically. I have NO room for all these books and I don't want them to sit in storage when there are romance fans who could enjoy them. The only books I am making room for are those that I have been lucky enough to have signed by the authors themselves.

That's why I am going to be giving away the rest of my books ALL month long. I have two 35 gallon containers filled with romance novels and they've all got to go. So stop by here often to see what books I'll have up for grabs! Sometimes there will be more than one book up for grabs!

Please note that the Spring Cleaning Giveaways are for US/CAN mailing addresses only. Those of you who live outside of the US/CAN area, if you have someone living in the US or Canada who will mail the prize to you, then you may enter. So again, winners MUST have a MAILING ADDRESS that is in the US or Canada.

Up for grabs this week: The Captain of All Pleasure and The Price of Pleasure by Kresley Cole

Raised as a free spirit aboard her sea captain father’s clipper ship, Nicole Lassiter has never encountered an obstacle she couldn’t overcome—until she meets Captain Derek Sutherland.

His sizzling kisses leave her longing, but after they share a night of passion, his subsequent disdain makes her blood boil. Nicole vows to take her revenge—by helping her father beat Sutherland in a high-stakes competition: the Great Circle Race from England to Australia.

Nicole’s plans are thrown overboard after Sutherland inadvertently prevents her father from sailing, yet she remains undaunted—taking to the high seas with her father’s ship. But after a harrowing storm, she finds herself a virtual prisoner aboard Sutherland’s vessel. And while her mind tells her she should escape, her body urges her to surrender....
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A man noted for his courage and integrity, Captain Grant Sutherland journeys to Oceania to find Victoria Dearbourne, an English girl lost at sea a decade before. He’s given her ailing grandfather his word—as a gentleman—to find and protect her. One look at a grown Victoria and Grant’s never felt less like one.

Tori relishes freedom, untamed passion, chaos above stifling order. Even more so when a proud, cold British captain arrives to rescue her. When Tori and Sutherland are separated from his crew and forced to survive together, she begins to see in him a man hungering for more. A man who once laughed. A man who admits to having dark desires but won’t take what she offers. Tori resolves to see how much temptation the captain can take before his legendary restraint is shattered...

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  1. LOL Adria I'm doing spring cleaning here too of a sort. Have found a huge box of giveaway books here too but I'm always up for new reads lol.

    I don't think I've seen these of Kresley's and I LOVE her! How did I miss them??! Have you read em? How were they?

    And thank ya ma'am!

  2. I have not read these books and I love her books. I must have missed them. I did some spring cleaning the other day..not a lot but a little

    Dark Thoughts Blog

  3. Kresley Cole actually wrote 5 historical romances, these two and a trilogy which I will also be giving away soon.

  4. I loved these books, they're older and she wrote a historical trilogy too which I will be giving away soon. They're hot as hell and at times funny. I loved the heroine in The Captain of All Pleasures, she was feisty. I have them on my Kindle now which is why I'm giving away the print books. I would never part with them otherwise!

  5. I have both of these and I hope to get to them next year. They seem like fun :)


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