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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cat Thursday: Lovebirds

Welcome to the weekly meme hosted by The True Book Addict that celebrates the wonders and sometime hilarity of cats!

Join us by posting a favorite LOL cat pic you may have come across, famous cat art or even share with us pics of your own beloved cat(s). It's all for the love of cats! Enjoy!

I think from now on I'm not going to plan these posts out, it seems like whenever I do, my "triplets" find some way to make it about them instead.

So this week I was going into the bedroom to take a shower and stumbled on a rare and adorable scene. Spencer and Amelia were cuddling on the recliner.

Why is this rare?

Because Spencer, even at 3 years old is a terror. He still acts like a hyperactive kitten and rough houses with the gentle and ladylike Amelia, who is chronologically younger but acts way more mature than him.

Most of the time I have to go and scold him for being too rough with her and making her cry. He tends to tackle her, bite her, scare her and generally act like a pain in the butt with her.

So when I saw them together quietly I just had to snap a few pics and knew they had to be the focus of today's Cat Thursday. So enjoy!


  1. How sweet. They look soo happy there together :) Thanks for sharing those pictures. I love seeing pictures of other blogger's cats! Happy Thursday :)

  2. Awww...they look so sweet together...what fortune that you were able to stumble upon them...wonder how often they do this and you just don't know...

  3. Oh I'm sure they do it often, just not when I'm around. I think Spencer wants to maintain his "Man" card.

  4. They look so sweet. It's so much easier when cats get along. :)

  5. Aw I love when that happens with the herd. Always makes me a little nervous though wondering what they're plotting. lol. They are so cute together! Glad you were able to snap some photos of their moment!

  6. That's lovely. Maybe they were plotting something together. :)

  7. Too cute! I love when the kitties are loving each other instead of not getting along. They're really just like kids, aren't they? You have two absolute beauties there. =O)

  8. I'm also allergic, but I seem to tolerate my own cats pretty well. My allergist told me years ago that I didn't have to get rid of my cats (I had five at the time) when I was diagnosed. He said that we build up an immunity to our own cats over time. It's when we bring in a new one or are around others' pets that we run into a problem. That really has been much the case with me. Did you know that male cats are worse for our allergies than females? The males give off more dander due to the male hormones. I did notice that I had more severe reactions when I handled my male cats. Weird, huh?

  9. I had heard that we build ammunity but I didn't know about males being worse. I'm not going to tell Spencer though, he'll use it to his advantage.


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