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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Review: The Problem with Seduction by Emma Locke

Format: epub (provided by author)
Release Date: February 13, 2013

Elizabeth Spencer needs a man. Preferably one who won't be too picky about the morality of her proposition, or his reputation. Lord Constantine Alexander can't afford another trip to debtors' prison, which makes him the perfect candidate. She doesn't expect him to have a heart of gold, or to hold up his end of the bargain—particularly when his high-in-the-instep family gets involved. Nor does she expect to find him irresistible, because while she needs a man, she doesn't particularly want one.

When a beautiful courtesan offers to satisfy his creditors, Con leaps at the opportunity. Never mind his mother and brothers are suspicious of his newfound fortune—being with Elizabeth is intoxicating enough to wipe any thought of scruples away. He soon realizes it's not just his future he's been gambling, but his future family. How can he convince London's premier courtesan he's more than a callow rake?

The opening to The Problem with Seduction is quite an attention grabber. Who wouldn't pay attention when the hero politely tells another man that the baby he has in his home actually belongs to him? And all because the heroine, a courtesan, has offered the hero a large sum of money to do so! The possibilities for this story were endless!

Elizabeth Spencer has changed drastically from the first book (The Trouble with Being Wicked) to the second. Gone is the spoiled, simpering, whining courtesan and in her place is a strong willed, intelligent, fiercely protective mama trying to change her ways to give her child a better life. Though she may have known many people (men) as a courtesan, she has learned that she can only trust herself and has lead a rather lonely life.

Lord Constantine Alexander on the other hand, has so many people around him he doesn't know what to do with them! As the fourth son of five in the family, Con constantly has his patience tested by his brothers and his affairs are often the topic of discussion among them and their mother. I loved the family dynamic with Con's family. They're meddlesome, infuriating, nagging and caring, in their own dysfunctional way. They were amusing and stubbornly loyal, even when they don't agree with one another.

Initially the relationship between Con and Elizabeth is purely business but Con's plan to help Elizabeth backfires and he is forced to spend more time in her company, thus giving both characters a chance to get to know each other and for those sparks to fly. The emotional connection that forms between them gives more power to the love that eventually blooms, which is important because Con and Elizabeth are constantly tested. There are plenty of villains and conflicts that they have to face alone and together. The pace of the book is a bit slower than what readers may be used to, but thankfully there isn't a dull moment with Con, Elizabeth and the entire Alexander clan.

The Problem with Seduction is, in my opinion, better than the first book in the series (The Trouble with Being Wicked). There is a huge growth for Elizabeth, turning her from an unlikable character, to a character the evokes sympathy and admiration in readers. I went from not caring about her to rooting for her to get everything she ever wanted. I can't wait to see what author Emma Locke has in store with the next book in the series, The Art of Ruining a Rake.


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  1. Nice Review! I really like the sound of this one...and the cover is so pretty. I love the color of her dress. I haven't had a chance to read from this author...yet, I will have to remedy that soon though. Going on my tbr!

  2. Oh wow it sounds excellent Adria! I haven't read Locke before but I love when they have secondary characters like that. Those meddling families are always so entertaining.

    That's really impressive that she was able to turn her into such a likable and sympathetic character. I'll have to look up the series :)

  3. Hi Anna I fixed the problem... But I don't know how. Lol, you should check out the series. I like this one the best so far.

  4. Oh I think I would really like this one. Plus I love how the cover is kind of the inbetween typical Historical and a little sassy!


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