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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Review: Against the Wind by Regan Walker

Format: .doc (provided by author)
Release Date: March 19, 2013

A night in London’s most exclusive bordello. Agent of the Crown Sir Martin Powell would not normally indulge, but the end of his time spying against Napoleon deserves a victory celebration. Yet, such pleasure will not come cheap. 

The auburn-haired courtesan he calls “Kitten” is in truth Katherine, Lady Egerton, a dowager baroness and the daughter of an earl as elusive as she is alluring. She flees a fate worse than death into Martin's arms. 

But Martin has known darkness, too, and will touch her heart--as she has touched his. To the English Midlands they will steal, into the rising winds of revolution.

Against the Wind begins with three deaths all in the space of one chapter. Each death shapes the lead characters, Martin and Katherine, breaking them down, only to build them up even better than before. The journey that both characters take is dangerous, passionate and highly entertaining!

Sir Martin Powell has come home to England after spending many years as a spy in France. His wife and unborn child were accidentally shot and killed outside a cafe years before and their deaths have haunted him since. A night in an exclusive brothel brings him face to face with with Katherine, Lady Egerton. Believing her to be one of the "girls," they spend one very passionate night together, but before Martin can examine his powerful response to "Kit," she disappears. He quickly learns that she is in fact, a gently-bred young widow. He sets out to find her but along the way, Martin must complete one more assignment for his government.

As the second book in the Agents of the Crown trilogy, Against the Wind could easily have slipped into a slump but it doesn't, in fact, it is more passionate and more dangerous than it's predecessor. Author Regan Walker's dedication to her characters' stories keeps readers entertained from the very first paragraph, to the very last page. Her attention to detail assures that each scene is described vividly and easily creates images in readers' minds. Aside from the romance that begins to develop between Martin and Kit, there are a few scenes with Hugh and Mary, the hero and heroine from Racing with the Wind and of course, a little humor along the way.

Against the Wind keeps up a brisk pace, it's neither too slow nor too fast, which doesn't bore readers. It's also obvious that there was quite a bit of research involved and it gives the story more credibility while still maintaining the romance novel feel. And whether it's the progression of Martin and Kit's relationship or a villain to be captured, there is always something interesting and entertaining happening.

I enjoyed Against the Wind, more so than Racing with the Wind, Martin and Kit were fascinating characters and a romantic couple. The added spy games were thoroughly enjoyable as I have a soft spot for historical romances with spies.I cannot wait to read the third book in Regan Walker's Agents of the Crown trilogy. If you are looking for a romance with an eye for detail, a passionate love story and danger lurking at every corner, I suggest you pick up Against the Wind by Regan Walker.


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  1. Nice review!! I really like the sound of this one! I haven't heard of it before so I am going to add it to my wishlist! I do like it when its obvious that the author has spent time researching. It makes it so much more sweeter!! :)

  2. Thanks, Adria for such a great review. I'm so glad you liked this one. It was a challenge to write the story in reverse order of most romances and I'm glad it worked. I, too, love Martin and Kit and you'll get to see them in Wind Raven, the 3rd one I'm writing now.

  3. Oh you should definitely give Regan's books a go. You could try her novella, The Holly and the Thistle if you want an idea of what her stories are like. Though if you like spy romances then definitely start with Racing with the Wind. If you do get a chance to read her books, do let me (and Regan) know what you think!

  4. I am so glad I got the chance to read Against the Wind, you really did a wonderful job with Martin and Kit. I especially liked Kit, she's tough and a survivor.


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