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Friday, February 1, 2013

Author of the Month: Lara Adrian

There are many people who will say that the vampire genre has been "overdone" and should simply go away. In some ways this is true, but for me, there will never be enough vampire heroes in romance novels. Why? Well because there's just so much to expand on with a mythical creature like the vampire. Strengths, weaknesses, powers... That kind of thing. So naturally in the PNR genre there's something for every taste, however, very few authors have captured and held my attention like Lara Adrian. She's one of the few authors that I picked up on when they debuted a series and that I have faithfully kept reading to the present day.

It was my curiosity that led me to Lara Adrian. It was May 2007, and the first book in her Midnight Breed series (Kiss of Midnight) had just been released. I didn't know that though. At the time I was going through a magazine phase (I would buy weekly magazines like US Weekly, OK Magazine and Life & Style for the celeb pics) and hadn't really been reading a whole lot. Much less any of the latest romance novels, I didn't even know what was popular at the time, even though I have always loved vampires, good or bad. There's just something about those fangs.

The ad that started it all.
 I picked up the May 21, 2007 issue of "US Weekly" and prepared to start clipping pictures when I noticed an ad for a new paranormal romance. Now for as long as I could remember I've had a thing for vampires (and pirates) and I liked what I read, so I logged on to the internet and did a search for Lara Adrian and found her site. I liked what I saw so I clipped the ad out of the magazine and put it in my purse to remind me to look for it the next time I went to Target. A few days later I made the decision to spend my magazine money on Kiss of Midnight.

Best. Decision. Ever!

I fell in love with the world Lara Adrian created and the different take on one of the most well known and written about mythological creatures in history. Her Breed warriors are tough, sarcastic, drop dead sexy and her heroines are strong willed, intelligent and uniquely designed mates for the warriors.

I know, there are literally hundreds of books about vampires, from Dracula types that terrorize humans, to Twilight types that are a few steps short of warm and fuzzy, to romance novel hero types that just rev up readers' engines in a great way, but to me, there are very few like Lara Adrian's vampires. They're the type of heroes I can't stay away from, dark, dangerous, tortured and sarcastic as hell. Each one is special and each one has their own "groupies" among readers. While some fans can confidently say that they love only one Breed male, I am quite shameless in saying I love SIX of those sexy males. Lucan, Dante, Tegan (definitely a top contenter), Andreas, Chase and now Kellan Archer. Where they a boy band, my walls would be covered in posters. Those males just have that Je ne sais quoi that makes them so unforgettable.

But it takes more than just sexy males with fangs to keep me coming back for more. The heroines can not be, under no circumstances, weak, whiny, pathetic, dumb or worse, needy. Thank goodness Lara Adrian doesn't seem to know the meaning of those words. Her heroines, while human and very fragile compared to immortal vampires, are sassy, independent, stubborn and put up just enough of a fight to keep the Breed males on their toes. Not an easy task since these males have been around for hundreds of years.

The Midnight Breed series hasn't lost it's steam, if anything, it's gearing up to bring even more action, tension, danger, mystery and yes, sexier, steamier scenes to readers, starting with Edge of Dawn. This soon to be released story of the next generation of Breed Warriors and their mates takes readers in a new direction while still maintaining the connection to old fan favorites. I think, as long as the stories are steamy, the heroines get tougher and I get to see my favorites once in awhile, I'll be one happy, lifelong fan. You can see my ARC Review here.

I have no doubt Lara Adrian can meet readers' expectations, but I wouldn't be surprised if she blew them out of the water.

So if you haven't checked out the Midnight Breed series, now's the perfect time to do it! I'm giving away an e-copy YOUR CHOICE of any book in the Midnight Breed series! You have all month to get as many entries as possible! Make sure you leave a comment telling me which book you'd like to win!!

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