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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Author of the Month: Liz Crowe

Welcome to the newest feature on the blog (title and accompanying graphic is still a WIP), each month I will be talking about one of my favorite authors, what led me to their books and if there is a special story behind there being on my list. That's not all though, I will also be giving away a book from that author to a lucky person. It's a great way for me to do two things I love doing: Promoting great authors and giving people books. So sit back and enjoy!

Liz Crowe is the newest author on my "Favorites" list. If you were to take a look at my list, she would stand out like a sore thumb. Is that a bad thing? Absolutely not! Besides, as the creator of the sub-genre "Romance for Real Life" she had to have known that because of her books, she would stand out among the rather large romance novelist pool.

Liz Crowe's books  are NOT like any other romance I've read. Let me be clear that I am not  bashing any romance novels out there. I love paranormal, historical,  contemporary and a little erotic like some people love chocolate, it's a  borderline addiction for me and there is room for every kind of romance, that's the best thing about the genre.

That said, I will now continue with my post.

I first stumbled across Liz's blog through a blog hop back in August 2012. What caught my attention was the title of Liz's blog hop stop, Romance for Real Life: A Primer.  Being a newbie to this whole new sub-genre of romance (created by Liz  just in case you're wondering), I began to read her post in which she described, in detail what "Romance for Real Life" is. What caught my eye was the following:

While not an "Anti-HEA" it's more like a "Ok WHA?" Or "What Happens After?"

I didn't know what to think of that  description. Even after I moved on to the next stop on the hop I  couldn't get that particular post out of my mind so I went back and saw  that there was an ARC contest going on for a book by Liz called Paradise Hops. I entered.

And didn't win. Oh well right?

Wrong. I got the chance to read and review Paradise Hops by Liz Crowe shortly after I was contacted by Jessica from Tri-Destiny Publishing. This was something I had never read before and was fascinated by the three characters in the book.

I  have been extremely fortunate to have been allowed to read and review  Liz's entire Stewart Realty series and have fallen in love with her  characters.

Each book of hers is emotionally raw,  these are characters that you could easily find in real life, or perhaps  already know. Her books speak in real time. Character growth and  development takes time. Answers don't come easily or over night to her  characters, they're stubborn, argumentative and in desperate need of  therapy. But that's what makes them so memorable. They're definitely  standout characters that, love or hate them, stay in your mind long  after you've put the book down.

Liz's books, while  deeply rooted in reality and all that goes with it, also give readers a  healthy dose of erotic fantasies sure to make them blush and say "Is it  hot in here or is it just this book?"

As much as I  love Liz's books I am going to say that they are not for everyone. If  you're expecting an easy resolution and damn near perfect characters,  then these are not the books for you. Liz herself has said her  characters are flawed, but in case you need a little more, let me say  that these characters have "reality flaws." They aren't always  monogamous, and saying "I love you" doesn't magically solve everything  for them. The hero and the heroine do not solve a lifetime of issues in one book and relationships are continuously being tested. However, that works for me because Liz can pull these characters up from the bottom of the pit and make them likable.

And because I know how precious "Book Money" can be and how difficult it is to come by sometimes, I am offering you a no risk option. I am going to give away an e-copy of either Paradise Hops or Liz's brand, new menage for real life book, Honey Red (which will be a spotlight review on this blog January 10 and also includes a prize pack for followers of Liz's book tour).

Find Liz Crowe:

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  1. wow. just....wow. I am so honored by this. Thank you for these amazing words of support!

  2. Adria I couldn't agree with you anymore.

  3. I would so love to win either ebook for kindle. I have not read either. And I am always looking for new Authors and books. I am also on a disability income, enough said there. Thank you for the chance to win. And good luck everyone !

  4. I'm anxiously waiting to read "Honey Red". Thanks for the chance to win :)

    rmwyer at shaw dot ca

  5. There are so many books I'm looking forward to. Samantha Towle's Wethering the Storm, anything new by Abbi Glines, Paradise Hops, Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire, Crystal Cove by Lisa Kleypas, and so many more!

  6. I can't wait for Liz' NEXT bboks to come out! She is a prolific writer, and I love everything I have read by her. Since I haven't read either Paradise HOps or Honey Red, I would love to win one.

  7. The next Liz Crowe book!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. the collector by Victoria Scott

  9. I would love either book. I loved Floortime. I am eagerly awaiting the next Texas Soul book by Sara York. sugar_n_spice63830@yahoo.com


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