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Sunday, December 30, 2012

What's to come for 2013

We all have them, they're the reason we have memberships to Barnes & Noble, Amazon and any other place that sells tons of books. They're the reason we gladly go broke every pay day, but most of all, they're the reason we smile, laugh, cry and make friends long after we've finished their books. A great romance author can do many things. They can introduce readers to characters we'd never meet in our everyday lives. They can give us adventure, conflict, passion, romance and joy in less than 400 pages. They are like rock stars to us, we live for any word on their next project, who will be the central character? Who's the villain? Will the mystery from book one finally be solved in book 5?

Whether your tastes run towards contemporary romance, leaps into paranormal, journeys to historical, dips into erotic or, embraces all four, you always have those favorite authors that light up your day when you walk into a book store (or log into one from home) and see that their latest romantic tale if FINALLY out.

We bloggers write reviews, host and participate in romance memes and if we're really lucky, get to interview our favorite authors from time to time but what this particular blogger wants to do every month is talk about WHY I love the authors I do and what their books have meant to me. Each author on my "Must Have" list has a reason for being there aside from their fabulous stories. Some reasons are rooted in my personal life, others for more light hearted and humorous reasons. Whatever the case may be, I hope to dedicate one post a month to each of my favorite authors (and there are quite a few). I encourage you to stop by in January when I will talk about the newest addition to my "Must Have" list, Liz Crowe, which coincidentally coincides with my participation on her Honey Red Blog Tour (January 10th). Should be interesting because she isn't your regular erotic romance author and I have A LOT to say about her writing.

P.S. With each monthly post I will be giving away an e-copy of a book by that author. Just so you know *wink wink*

In the meantime, you can always see what giveaways are currently happening on Breath of Life Reviews in the box on the left marked "Giveaways"

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