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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Review: The Holly and the Thistle by Regan Walker (novella)

Format: pdf (provided by author)
Release Date: November 23, 2012

A chance meeting at Berry’s wine shop, a misunderstanding and Christmastide all come together to allow the most handsome Scot in London to give Lady Emily Picton the best Christmas gift ever: a marriage not of convenience, but of love.

Just in time for the holidays, The Holly and the Thistle by Regan Walker is the perfect short read to enjoy right before the opening of Christmas presents or in front of a fire just before bed. Fans of Walker's debut Racing with the Wind will enjoy meeting new characters William and Emily and catching a few glimpses of Hugh and Mary.

Readers who love having a Scotsman for a hero won't be disappointed with William Stephen. Upon meeting and becoming immediately attracted to Emily, William begins his sly attack on her defenses. Emily is determined not to marry again but doesn't stand a chance against the charming, yet sneaky William. Their exchanges are amusing, with William paying Emily compliments at every turn and Emily trying to discourage him from doing so while secretly enjoying them.

At only 14,000 words, The Holly and the Thistle moves along quickly but not so fast as to lose readers. The pace is brisk but clean, with no confusion or gaps in the story. It's just enough to satisfy fans of Walker's first book, while they eagerly await the next installment of her Agents of the Crown trilogy (Against the Wind).

The Holly and the Thistle is a wonderful addition to any romance lover's collection and in this reviewer's humble opinion, goes best with some chocolates and a nice glass of wine.


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