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Friday, December 21, 2012

Review: All I Want for Christmas is a Duke by Delilah Marvelle and Máire Claremon

Format: pdf (provided by Entangled Publishing)
Release Date: December 3, 2012

Merry Christmas, Mrs. Robinson by Delilah Marvelle
Lady Jane left her father, the Earl of Chadwick, and the ton behind to experience life on the stage. After a disastrous marriage, the widow is living on the edge of poverty, determined to guard her heart, when a secret admirer from her past demands a second chance.

Shy and retiring Martin Nicholas Pierce, the Sixth Duke of Somerset, has carried a torch for Lady Jane since her youth, but he is five years her junior. When she married another man, he left for Europe, determined to put her out of his mind. After returning to find Lady Jane free, he vows to replace the memories of her cursed Twelfth Night with a new beginning.

 It isn't often that I've read a historical romance where the hero isn't an alpha male. It took some getting used to and by the time I did get used to it, the story was over and I was left wanting more! 

Lady Jane is a dreamer but the harsh realities of life soon come crashing in. She is a bit of a martyr, punishing herself in some ways for the mistakes of her youth and in the beginning unwilling to take the chance of being happy with Martin. Though life didn't turn out the way she originally planned, Jane is still a kind, intelligent woman. She has a soft spot for the young boy she once considered her best friend, but has trouble reconciling that boy with the man he has become.

Martin, even though an adult, still has moments of feeling and reacting like the insecure, and in some ways submissive boy he was when he first met Jane. It isn't only Jane's insecurities he must overcome but his own as well. He definitely took some getting used to, but he is a sweet, noble and determined man

This story is about taking risks, some don't work out and some do and that's the point, if people don't take risks throughout their lives, how will they ever have the chance of being happy.

Merry Christmas Mrs. Robinson is a sweet story about how sometimes the best friendships can become something greater if given the chance.  


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The Twelve Days of Seduction By Maire Claremont
Alexander Hunt, Eighth Duke of Berresford, is aware his ward’s governess isn’t quite what she seems. Although Miss Flint is beautiful and intelligent, she misrepresented herself to gain employment, and he threatens to give her the sack mere days before Christmas.
Desperate to convince the sexy duke not to tear her from the little girl she’s grown to adore, Adriana challenges him to seduce her before the Twelve Days of Christmas have come to an end, although she fears it may cost her heart. Alexander accepts the challenge, unconcerned that he has as much to lose, if not more, than the delectable Miss Flint.

The Twelve Days of Seduction is a steamy, seductive holiday treat that I thoroughly enjoyed. A romance styled in the way of The Twelve Days of Christmas is something I hadn't heard of. Alexander and Adriana sizzle from the moment readers are introduced to the pair. There's such chemistry between the two and it makes The Twelve Days of Seduction such a joy to read. 

Adriana is an admirable woman. She was born into a difficult life and has endured more than her fair share of hardships but she has managed to survive while still maintaining her dignity and beliefs. She isn't afraid to go toe-to-toe with Alexander, Duke or not. 

Alexander is used to getting his way but it isn't long before he realizes Adriana isn't a female to be intimidated by him or his titles. Even when he knows he's way in over his head, he doesn't back down from the challenge Adriana issues. The result? A passionate story about two lonely souls who find love during the Holidays.

All I Want for Christmas is a Duke is one anthology worth reading, and just in time for the holidays too. I look forward to reading more from Delilah Marvelle and Máire Claremon soon.


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  1. I just bought this book today! I haven't read any of Delilah Marvelle's work so I'm interested to see what I think of her style. And Maire Claremont's debut has a very intriguing premise. Great review!

  2. I am definitely adding Maire Claremont's debut to my "Must Have" list. I've never read a romance with that kind of premise! Hopefully we'll both read it soon and we can talk about it later ;)

  3. Oh I am so glad I picked this one up the other day. I've read a couple where the hero wasn't an alpha and it's always a little refreshing for me but does take some getting use to. Glad you enjoyed it! It'll be my first of Marvelle's and I'm really looking forward to it now :)


  4. I've never read Marvelle's books before and Claremont is a new author but from what I read in The Twelve Days of Seduction, she's definitely one author to watch. You should check out the premise for her debut, The Dark Lady.


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