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Friday, November 9, 2012

Review: How to Tame a Willful Wife by Christy English

Format: epub (provided by NetGalley)
Release Date: 
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How To Tame A Willful Wife:

1. Forbid her from riding astride
2. Hide her dueling sword
3. Burn all her breeches and buy her silk drawers
4. Frisk her for hidden daggers
5. Don't get distracted while frisking her for hidden daggers...

Anthony Carrington, Earl of Ravensbrook, expects a biddable bride. A man of fiery passion tempered by the rigors of war into steely self-control, he demands obedience from his troops and his future wife. Regardless of how fetching she looks in breeches.

Promised to the Earl of Plump Pockets by her impoverished father, Caroline Montague is no simpering miss. She rides a war stallion named Hercules, fights with a blade, and can best most men with both bow and rifle. She finds Anthony autocratic, domineering, and...ridiculously gorgeous.

It's a duel of wit and wills in this charming retelling of The Taming of the Shrew. But the question is...who's taming whom?

I'll admit, I have never read The Taming of the Shrew or watched any adaptations save for 10 Things I Hate About You so I had nothing to compare it to. That said, How to Tame a Willful Wife is an entertaining love story about two very stubborn, very determined and very lonely people who find themselves married and must learn to change their solitary ways if they want a chance at happiness.

Anthony is like most men in fiction, stubborn and borderline controlling with his wife Caroline, but before the axes and pitchforks come out, allow me to say he has his reasons. He's a "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me" kind of man. Naturally, as each of his "ideas" on how to reform Caroline backfires, he becomes more and more constricting until it nearly destroys him and Caroline both.

Caroline is definitely worthy of the "Willful Wife" title, to a fault. She's so hell bent on doing what she wants and not allowing anyone to tell her what to do that she becomes more and more reckless, careless and at times, childish. She's an intelligent woman in most matters except when it comes to dealing with Anthony. That's the area where she tends to act like an immature girl and lets her hormones get the best of her. She tries to stand up to Anthony but fails to make her point whenever he employs his seductive maneuvers. While understandable because Anthony is quite a bit older than her and naturally more experienced, it grated on my nerves a bit that she didn't have the sense to stand her ground no matter what.

There's no denying however that the chemistry between Anthony and Caroline is hot. What added to the intensity of Anthony and Caroline's scenes was the rivalry that existed between them from the very beginning. They set off sparks whenever they were together and author Christy English succeeded in making this particular reader reach for the ice water.

How to Tame a Willful Wife is a humorous, romantic take on Shakespeare that I would recommend to romance fans who are looking for a battle of the sexes type book that doesn't take The Taming of the Shrew theme too seriously.


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