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Monday, October 29, 2012

October Giveaway #5: Joan Swan & Elisabeth Naughton

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All giveaways will be International. Must be able to receive e-books from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and/or Smashwords.

Books that are part of the giveaway are for mature readers only (18 and up). 

The final giveaway of the month is a two for one deal! One lucky winner will get their choice of a Joan Swan & Elisabeth Naughton book for their e-reader!

New author Joan Swan has quickly become one of my favorite authors, she writes the most deliciously, sexy, sarcastic heroes I've met and is just a lovely person on top of that. Her Phoenix Rising series is one of the most addictive series I've come across and I'd love to introduce someone to these courageous firefighters or help you add one to your e-reader. 

Click on each cover for more info. 

Elisabeth Naughton is still new to me, I've started her Stolen Trilogy and I love it. I am currently on book 1 of her Eternal Guardians series and so far I'm in love. 

Click on each cover for more info.

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  1. Yes, i read both of these suthors. Waiting on by preordered copy of EN next book now. Can't wait to see how she fixes tbis warrior. As for JS, can't wait to find out what is really going on with these special people.

  2. I'd also want telekinesis so that I could have a spic and span house w/o much effort :). Thank you.

  3. The ability to transport...I live to travel!

  4. I'm pretty new to Elizabeth, and love Joan!!! If I could have any one supernatural power...it would def be to transport anywhere anytime..

  5. I would love the ability to clean with a snap. No messy rooms or cars for me!

  6. I would like to have super speed so homework doesn't take as long to complete.

  7. I would like the ability to time travel.

  8. Naughton is officially called Naughtiness according to my iPhone! LOL. Super powers. Well this tends to change from day to day especially when I read neat powers here or there.

    Though some of my role playing/writing characters have neat powers. One has the power of trees. One has the power to heal mentally, one has the power of mud.

    Not sure what power I would like to have honestly. Shape changeing into any animal at will sounds fun.

  9. When Charmed was on I always wanted to have the same powers as Paige ~ Telekinetic Orbing


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