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Monday, October 15, 2012

Author Takeover: Christine Wenrick

Author Takeover is when an author takes over the blog for awhile and talks about whatever strikes there fancy. Today I am happy to hand the reigns over to author Christine Wenrick so that she can talk, not only about her book The Charmed (you can find my review over here), but about the paranormal genre in general. So please give a warm welcome to Christine Wenrick and don't be shy about leaving a comment for Christine!

First off I would like to thank Adria and Breath of Life Reviews for having me here to talk about my new contemporary paranormal trilogy, The Charmed. As I’m sure many of you aspiring writers out there already know there is a lot of work and commitment that goes into publishing your first novel, and your first trilogy. But the effort and determination it takes just to make it over that initial publishing hump is what makes a writer’s first work all the more special to them. It feels as if we are told ‘no’ or ‘you can’t’ a thousand times a day in this business, especially a writer like me who has been accused by her own friends of breaking a lot of the ‘romance rules’ (But secretly they love them!). Not the least of which was writing an adult contemporary paranormal romance trilogy in the first person.

Often story, concept and your ultimate goal for a series can dictated the risk you are willing to take as an author. But you must also weigh the risks against possibly alienating your readers from what they are used to. The rewards for both author and reader, however, can be great! It can make the journey for the reader unexpected, and distinguish you as an author until you become a reader’s TBR bin darling simply because they have to read what wonderful, heartbreaking or crazy thing you’re going to do next to their favorite character.

I view Paranormal Romance as the perfect genre for this kind of risk taking. Who wants read about what we see and do every day? Let’s write about the extraordinary and set no limits. Personally, I love writing alpha males that are that way simply because they’ve been forced to adapt to a supernatural world they’ve been brought into. Their strength, their special gifts . . . even their growly temper when threatened—oh what fun a writer can have! Everything is heightened, making it a great escape. And isn’t that why we read in the first place—to escape.

So tell me readers . . . are you open to a few romance ‘rule breakers’ in your novel as long as the ultimate journey is satisfying and sigh worthy? Or do you prefer to stick with tradition?

Thank you so much Christine for taking the time to guest post here. I totally agree with your view on Paranormal Romance! Part of why I read romance is to escape reality and find some joy in a good book!

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  1. I read your review on this book and now reading what the author has to say about the genre, I'm going to have to get this book and read it. Thank you!



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