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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Review: Eternal Hunger by Laura Wright

Format: bound copy (purchased)
Release Date: October 5, 2010
Purchase Links: Amazon l Kindle l Barnes and Noble l Nook

Alexander Roman wants nothing to do with the controlling rulers of his vampire breed or the family he escaped from a hundred years ago. But as a new threat to the pureblood vampires emerges, Alexander's ties to the past are forced upon him again, and without warning, he finds himself - disoriented, terrified, and near death - at the door of a stranger.

Dr. Sarah Donohue is dedicated to removing the traumatic memories of her patients - like those of the stranger at her front door. But what he tells her of his past is too astonishing to be anything more than the delusion of a madman. Yet she has seen his flesh scarred by the sun and witnessed his inhuman strength. And never more has she felt so connected to a man, by both fear and seductive excitement.

But as their worlds collide, Sarah and Alexander are bound by something even stronger, as one becomes hunter and the other prey. And Sarah's only chance of survival is to surrender to the final - and most unimaginable - desire of her life.

I had actually read this book awhile back but since I had no blog at the time I never reviewed it. Time to change that.

In today's lust for, and the overabundance of, fanged heroes, author Laura Wright has managed to create her own special race of vampires. Pure power emanates from them. Not just in their physical appearance, but in their personalities and down to their names. No wimpy vamps here.

As much as I'd LOVE to gush about all 3 Roman brothers, Eternal Hunger is Alexander's story so I'll stick to him for now.

The first in the Mark of the Vampire series, Eternal Hunger is a fast paced, intriguing story that takes a popular mythical creature and not only turns him into a hero, but creates a unique take on the entire vampire myth.

He's the alpha, the leader and someone you don't want to piss off. Ever. Dead sexy and with the power to back up his personality, Alexander Roman is hard to forget. He's so intimidating that I couldn't begin to imagine what kind of woman would be able to go toe-to-toe with him instead of being terrified of him.

Enter Sarah Donahue. Dedicated, loyal and above all, rational. Though at first she's terrified of Alexander, she's smart enough to analyze each situation and then take the best course of action.This moved the story along at a great pace and kept me interested page after page.

Let's not overlook one of the reasons Eternal Hunger is so good: The details! Laura Wright puts enough details in her scenes they unfold without any hesitation and her spin on vampire lore is so convincing that I had to remind myself that this was fiction. I love the terminology used, even though I had trouble remembering all of them at first. Words like balas, morpho, meta, paven, veana, and credenti made Eternal Hunger more real to me and therefor more enjoyable.

The relationships in this book were heartfelt and powerful, the bond between Alexander and his brothers is a mix of pack animal dynamics (alpha/pack) and true loyalty and love. Alex would do anything to spare his brothers pain and misery and vice versa even when they get on his nerves. Though the three brothers are total bad asses, they have their moments of arguing like children and one upping each other constantly. It's a great balance.

But let's face it, the REAL reason Eternal Hunger works is the sexual tension and chemistry between Alexander and Sarah! Their "I want you but I don't want to want you" dance is sizzling and at the same time tortured. I swear the heat from those two singed my fingertips and made me yearn for a Pureblood paven of my own!

So if paranormal romance is your thing, then Eternal Hunger is definitely the way to go!


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  1. This sounds yummy and has all the elements I love in a good paranormal. I am assuming this is either the fist or one of a series, since you mention brothers:) Awesome review, I am going to B&N to check it out.

  2. Yes it's the first of the series. If you do read it, I'd love to know what you thought about it.


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