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Monday, July 16, 2012

Review: Deconstructing Infatuation by Merce Cardus

Book Format: PDF (provided by author)
Release Date: January 10, 2012
Purchase Links:  Amazon l Kindle

Sometimes, whether you're single or with a significant one, 
somebody appears in your life unexpectedly. 
We feel the need to know who this person is, 
the need to know exactly who this person is.

A story may offer different interpretations, even with several irreconcilable and contradictory meanings. As in Francesca da Rimini and Paolo Malatesta's story in Dante's Divine Comedy, this story is not about unfaithfulness either. This story is about infatuation: what burns inside of oneself when we let ourselves fall madly for someone.

Though Deconstructing Infatuation is a work of fiction, the scenes that take place and the situations that the characters find themselves in are not. They are all too common in today's world. Author Merce Cardus does an amazing job of making the me question not only the characters' motives but my own. It's easy to judge and condemn Helen Hayes for her actions in the beginning, and her choices and at times sheer stupidity made me almost stop reading the book.

Thankfully I didn't stop reading because Deconstructing Infatuation made me question my own behaviors and actions. Would I really make what many consider the "right" choice and avoid temptation all together? Is it really a bad thing to have a fling with a man you're physically attracted to without girlish fantasies getting in the way? What about the fallout that will inevitably happen if you happen to have a significant other? Not everyone has the same answers, heck, not everyone can answer these questions but the point is, they're out there, these situations and questions happen every day to many people, men and women alike. 

While the book's blurb claims it isn't about unfaithfulness, you can't help but see that that is what is happening. A woman is being unfaithful to her significant other and you wonder "Is there any scenario where that doesn't blow up in her face?"

Deconstructing Infatuation is not your HEA romance novel. At least, I didn't see it as one. It's a nitty, gritty, realistic take on life's relationships and the ups and downs that can occur. After all, no one has any where near a perfect life.

So if you're looking for something a little more realistic and relatable, then by all means, pick up a copy of Deconstructing Infatuation and read it. You'll enjoy it because it's one of those books that has you thinking long after you're done reading it. However, if you're a fan of the redeemable characters and the HEA, then you'll want to skip this book. I for one, liked it for what it is instead of criticizing it for what it wasn't.


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