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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Review: One Night in Scotland by Karen Hawkins

Book Format: e-book (purchased)
Release Date: November 2012
Purchase Links: Amazon l Kindle l Barnes and Noble l Nook
Branded a thief and held prisoner in a Scottish castle high upon a cliff by the dark and forbidding Earl of Erroll, Mary Hurst must find a way to free herself and gain possession of a mysterious artifact that can help her beloved brother regain his freedom.

Fortunately, Mary is no simple, schoolroom miss and the handsome earl is about to discover that spirited women do not take kindly to being imprisoned. Forced to deal with his recalcitrant (and he’s certain, devious) guest, Erroll finds himself reluctantly admitting that if he weren’t so sure she was a thief, he might be interested in the intrepid Mary. Might be, he reminds himself after he kisses her yet one more time . . .

Before Mary’s done, the earl will wish he’d never turned the key upon her door and wonder if perhaps she really is a thief, and has stolen his heart!

The first book in what appears to be a romance series mixed with action, mystery and suspense, One Night in Scotland delivers all that is promised in the blurb and more.

Beginning with a minor deception by the Earl of Erroll, the book doesn't waste time getting started with the mystery and suspense. What I didn't expect though, was so much... Humor. Mary is a lovely, strong female character and I loved her so much! It really is hard for me to find historical romance novels that have really strong female characters in them. Mary Hurst my be smaller and physically weaker than the Earl but she's definitely not going to let that stop her from letting her displeasure known. She's smart and brave which enable her to come up with ideas to make sure the Earl regrets locking her away, she also provided most of the humor in the book as well. It's been a long time since I tried a new author and came away loving the female character.

Angus, the Earl is a dark forbidding character with a tragic past, a perfect hero for a story that boasts of mystery and suspense. Naturally wary, distrustful, stubborn and used to being obeyed, he got a very rude (and funny) wake up call from Mary:

She grasped the chair, rocked it forward on its front legs, then slammed it down onto the floor.

"Stop that."

"Not until you release me from this room."

A low rumble remarkably like a growl emanated from the earl. "Do not push me in this manner. You will regret it."

"Do not push me, my lord. I won't accept such rude treatment."

The chemistry between Angus and Mary is really great as well and leads to some really passionate moments between the two that had me say "Whoa that was hot!" The buildup with Angus and Mary was intense but not rushed which can be a problem with a lot of the newer authors these days. Pacing is important, the sexual tension is important people! Not too fast and not too slow, balance is great and makes a romance novel more than just hot sex ;)


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  1. Sigh! There's something about men in kilts that's so sexy!

    TS Blogoversary

  2. This sounds like the begins of a neat series, action packed and hot! New follower, you and I are on Danielle @Bookwhore blog roll :)

  3. Great review. This sounds good. Love the quote. I agree it is hard to find a strong female character in a historical romance book.

    Have a great weekend
    Wickedly Delicious Book Blog


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