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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Review: Her Honor's Bodyguard by Johnny Ray

Do first loves ever really die? While reunions can take many forms, there is always one question that has to be answered sooner or later—what happened?

Vance had always been extremely proud of Noella, and just because his life had been ruined, he saw no reason why she had to have the same faith. When his dad died, leaving him and his mother penniless, he dropped out of law school and ended his relationship with Noella, but in doing so, he stopped a scandal that could have ruined her family. These secrets he would never let her know. Ironically, years later, he would have never guessed she would be instrumental in ruining his career with the Tampa police force.

After Noella finished law school and started pursuing her goal of working up the ranks in judgeships, she never considered inviting another guy into her life. As such, when someone attempts to threaten her into vacating her seat on the bench, and by force if necessary, she knows of no one else she really trust as much as Vance, who now has a successful bodyguard and private detective business.

She knows that Vance might hate her for her part in having him dismissed from the police force, but what he will never know is that she actually saved him from going to prison. Additionally, she now thinks he was framed, and perhaps by the same people who are threatening her. She had to talk him into taking her on as a client . . . but would he agree to her request?

As the number of attacks on her life increases, Vance soon has no choice but to offer her his protection, and in spite of everything, when they see each other again their old attraction for each other returns. She wants the truth. He wants the truth. However, making the ultimate sacrifice is not always easy to understand, whether given or received. Ultimately . . . could they now trust each other with these secrets? While their lives depend on discovering the truth to their past, these truths are locked in deep secrets that could also destroy them.

I'm going to start off by saying I have never read a romantic thriller in my life. Ever. That said, I had no idea what to expect from Her Honor's Bodyguard. I was going in blind but I did know it was imperative that I NOT treat this book like other romance books that I've read and that I not have all of the same criteria as with other books in the romance genre.

Let me repeat that I enjoy books that don't drag on before with overdone back stories or unnecessary scenes before the conflict is revealed. That said, Her Honor's Bodyguard did not disappoint in that area. The beginning was straight forward with no unnecessary information to clog up the flow of the story, but yet had enough of the right information so that I was not left floundering or unable to connect with Noella and Vance.

The story progressed at a brisk but not unattainable pace and with a romantic thriller I really appreciated that. There's no re-hashing and total dissection of Noella and Vance's previous relationship, only snippets. This ensured that the story didn't get stuck in "Romantic Angst Territory" thereby losing its status as a Romantic thriller.

Her Honor's Bodyguard is like a well made cake that is welcome at any occasion. It has a healthy dose of suspense, mystery and action that will appeal to men, and a dash of romance that will attract women and keep the story from becoming stale and one dimensional.

The characters, even the villains were well thought out and believable, there wasn't a single scene where I rolled my eyes. I enjoyed that the danger Noella and Vane were in brought them closer together and forced them to confront their pasts, but not in a way that would, again, turn Her Honor's Bodyguard into an ordinary romance novel.

My only criticism is that I could have gone for a little more imagery and a little less dialogue between Vance and Noella, but that is a relatively minor and personal preference. So if you're looking for a read that is appealing to both men and women then Her Honor's Bodyguard is for you.


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1 comment:

  1. I completely agree with the review! The plot is very thrilling and a writing was done very well. Five stars to the writer Johnny Ray.


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