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Monday, June 4, 2012

Author Takeover: What is a Romantic Thriller by Johnny Ray

Author Takeover is what happens when you give an author the floor, or in this case a guest post spot. Today author Johnny Ray is talking about what makes a romantic thriller and what makes them so good. Be sure to check back in a few days for my review of Johnny's latest release, Her Honor's Bodyguard.
What is a romantic thriller?
by Johnny Ray

As of lately I have had many people calling me the master of the romantic thriller, and several other people have also asked me exactly what is a romantic thriller. Many people are familiar with romantic suspense, and have read these. A romantic thriller is different form a suspense or a mystery. In a mystery you have a crime committed, and you read to the book to try to solve the who did it. In a suspense, you have a constant edge of not knowing what is going to happen. In a thriller, you have to discover who is going to do it. You know it is going to happen if no one intervenes.  The hero has to save the world type thing. And . . .  oh yes, get the girl.

Unlike a true romance which seems to always have the happy ever after ending, a thriller leaves you guessing what the ending will be. After all, if people die, you cannot very well have a happy ever after.

Also a major difference in a suspense and a thriller is the pacing. In a suspense, the tension constantly grows. In a thriller, you have strong shifts of up and down moments. The high points on a thriller are much more intent as well.

Now the question is how do you blend these with a romance. Let’s face it, it is hard to have a romantic night with people trying to kill you, but it is possible to draw people closer together when they are under pressure. This is what I think makes these romantic thrillers so good. Your characters will do and say things they would not normally do. The romance has to be high stakes just like the plot. Making all aspects of the book believable is what is required of a truly gifted writer. 

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