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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Discussion: What's in a Cover?

Colin and Minerva
Of the books you have bought, how many of them were purchased because the cover caught your attention before you read the summary in the back? I know that, as ridiculous as it sounds, I went and re-bought the Twilight saga books after Breaking Dawn part 1 came out, just so I could have the movie versions of the covers. I've also done the same with Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility and I fear I will do the same with Game of Thrones in the near future. That got me thinking, does the image on the cover influence my decision to read or buy the book? Does it influence anyone else?

Do you remember the first time you picked up a romance novel? 
Yes I do. It was in high school and I honestly didn't know it was a romance novel. I just thought the cover was pretty, then I turned it around a read the summary and decided "What the hell? I've got some free time" and checked it out. Unfortunately for the life of me I cannot remember what book it was, only that it was called Tiger by the Tail or something like that and it was a historical romance where the female character's first husband dies in the act of consummating the marriage as he is much older than her. I believe she has a pet hawk at some point in the book as well. 
Marcus and Sarah

Did the cover have anything to do with you picking it up in the first place? 
Definitely. I liked the artwork on the cover and at the time I had the mentality "Pretty picture, must read" every time I went into the library. I was a teenager, why would I want to read what was assigned to me?

What about now? Do the covers of romance novels draw your attention or cause you to shy away from them?
Oh they definitely draw my attention and my reactions are mostly positive as the style on most of the covers have changed from tacky and overdone to really sexy and provocative. I have even looked forward to advanced previews of certain author's covers for their next book. There just seems to be a lot of very talented and creative artists out there these days and I do love to see what they come up with.

Simon and Lily (Old Design)
Weston and Madeline (New cover)

What I've also noticed is a lot of book covers' styles have changed, most notably, Lydia Dare. In the latest installment of the Regency Paranormal series, the cover is noticeably different. In my opinion, I really love the new look. If I wasn't a fan of the series already, I would have been tempted to pick up The Wolf Who Loved Me just because of the cover.

 And while the covers don't necessarily influence my level of anticipation for a new release, it does help keep the book in the forefront of my mind. Case in point, Alexandra Hawkins' Lords of Vice series. I am all caught up on the series and am eagerly awaiting Saint's book (7/31/12).

"Saint" and Madame Venna
When I saw the cover for All Afternoon with a Scandalous Marquess I loved it! The color really pops and it's not a color you see very often, so it does help keep the book in my mind, though I do have an alarm set on my cell phone so that I can buy it for my NOOK as soon as it comes out. Plus, it's a really sexy looking picture isn't it?


  1. Hi sweetie. I really am liking the new cover for The Wolf Who Loved me. Def. more tempting to check out the back blurb if I did not already know about Lydia dare. That is funny you have this post. I just repied with a list for you on some books you might like for similars to Lauran Dohner books. The book covers a pretty cheesy.


    I just also listed a book for my Lusting For Covers and had to check out the author because of the sexy cover. I have to say if the cover catches my eye than I will for sure read the back. Usually the books with cheesy covers are recommends from others.

  2. I have some of THE cheesiest book covers that were given/recommended to me but for the most part, the books I've chosen the cover is usually what gets me to pick it up and read the back in the first place. Thanks for the recommendations sweetie, I'll go check them out. I REALLY love the images on your blog, they're so sexy.


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