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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Review: A Week to be Wicked

Format: epub (purchased)
Release Date: March 27, 2012
Purchase Links: Amazon l Kindle l Barnes and Noble l Nook
When a devilish lord and a bluestocking set off on the road to ruin . . . time is not on their side. Minerva Highwood, one of Spindle Cove's confirmed spinsters, needs to be in Scotland.

Colin Sandhurst, Lord Payne, a rake of the first order, needs to be . . . anywhere but Spindle Cove.

These unlikely partners have one week:

to fake an elopement
to convince family and friends they're "in love"
to outrun armed robbers
to survive their worst nightmares
to travel four hundred miles without killing each other

All while sharing a very small carriage by day and an even smaller bed by night.

What they don't have time for is their growing attraction. Much less wild passion. And heaven forbid they spend precious hours baring their hearts and souls.

Suddenly one week seems like exactly enough time to find a world of trouble. And maybe . . . just maybe . . . everlasting love.

The second book in The Spindle Cove series was definitely my favorite by far. Minerva Highwood is the type of character that you want to pity because of her awkwardness and "unnatural" love of education but you just can't because underneath all that awkwardness and general disinterest with ribbons, dancing and gowns is a brave young woman just waiting to come out. She's heard so often that she's hopeless in the marriage market from her own mother no less, that Minerva believes it and finds solace in her geological pursuits. Until she becomes concerned that her elder sister Diana, who is a generous, kind soul, may end up accepting a proposal from Colin Sandhurst, Lord Payne. Minerva is convinced that Colin would make her gentle sister miserable so she comes up with a plan, convince Colin to run away with her to Edinburgh, a false elopement to the residents of Spindle Cove but in reality a trip to the Royal Geological Society of Scotland so that Minerva could present her latest findings to those she considers colleagues.

From the very moment they interacted (A Night to Surrender), I just knew they were going to continue pushing each other's buttons and this book didn't disappoint. Colin cannot seem to remember Minerva's name, calling her every other possible name (Miranda, Mariane, Matilda etc) until later when it becomes obvious he does it just to annoy her.

The two of them spend almost every waking moment together trading sarcastic remarks and insults which makes the book even more entertaining. At times they are like two bickering children who need a time out if only to give the reader a chance to catch up to and understand their quick jabs at one another, particularly Minerva's as some of her jabs contain geological references that aren't immediately clear. In fact, they bickered so much, I was starting to wonder how in the heck they were ever going to fall in love with each other!

One of my favorite moments of the book is when Colin and Minerva are spending the night in a London coaching inn and Minerva discovers that she has brought along the wrong journal. She left her geological journal back in Spindle Cove and instead brought a false journal that was meant to prove to her family that she had secretly been enamored of Colin for quite some time. Of course Colin takes the journal and begins reading it aloud and teasing Minerva mercilessly like a child. The journal is so detailed and so distressing to Minerva that I couldn't help feeling a little embarrassed for her. It was funny though to picture that particular scene and it remained with me throughout the whole book. In fact, that whole night at the coaching in is highly amusing.

The more serious moments of the book are rather endearing as well. For all their bickering and insults, Colin and Minerva are quite similar, they both hide who they really are from the world in order to protect themselves. The actual conversations between the two are quite revealing and being able to take occasional peeks into Colin's mind made me like him more and more. As the story progressed I found myself unwilling to put this book down, not for conversation with my family, food or even errands. Much to my dismay, I finished this book within two days.

A Week to Be Wicked will definitely be going in my "To Be Reread As Often As Possible" pile. I can't wait for the next book in this series but I have a feeling that Colin and Minerva will always maintain a special place in my heart. 

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