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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Erotic Romance: I gave it a second chance

Ask the "Romance Gods" and you shall receive. Sort of.

I love asking for romance recommendations on the various communities I belong to on the internet (I've lost track really) and I've gotten some REALLY great recommendations based on my personal likes and I always check out each and every recommendation that is given to me, whether I think I'll like it or not. Well, last week I almost made the mistake of overlooking a great author and a great series.

Why? Two words. Erotic. Romance.

Now why should those two words make me slam on the Google breaks you ask? Because believe it or not, I was left bug eyed and with a bitter taste in my mouth from an encounter with an erotic romance book years ago. What I THOUGHT was a romance novel recommendation from a "friend" turned out to be an erotic romance, and I use the word "romance" lightly because from what I could remember, this book was pure sex, no real plot or character development and the female character was basically a washed up, dull, witless woman who let the male do whatever he wanted to her, regardless of her feelings. It was, in short, a horrible story and I almost kicked my "friend's" ass for it. I never finished that book and that day I learned the difference between romance and erotic romance. I never wanted to pick up anything labeled "Erotic Romance" ever again. That was 8 years ago.

Fast forward to last week and I asked for more recommendations. Usually I ask for Historical/Regency Romance but I occasionally receive Contemporary or Paranormal suggestions. I was reading all the suggestions, and most of the authors I had heard before, until I reached the last suggestion.

Laurann Dohner, New Species series.

I hadn't heard that name or that series before so I googled them and found out she was an erotic romance writer.

I immediately I wrote back to the person who suggested her that I never read erotic romance for the reasons already mentioned. She quickly pm'd me and said "Please just give her a try, it's not what you think it is. The stories are strong and she has very likeable characters, it meets every one of your criteria except for the Historical aspect. I had read on your profile that you also like Paranormal Romance and I really think you'll like the series."

She went on to plead her case until I finally caved and said "Okay, I'll try it but if it scars me or pisses me off, I'm sending you my shrink bills!"

So I picked up the first book in the series, "Fury" and well, hot damn it WAS different than what I had come to expect! It blew my preconceived notions out of the water and into outer space. I fell in love with Fury and Ellie. My heart ached for Fury and what he and his people endured for years at the hands of cruel people. The release of the New Species into the free world and their struggles to cope with sudden freedom was heart breaking, especially when I read what some, if not most of them had to endure. It was more than just a bunch of hot, erotic sex scenes (which are steamy, but not degrading to the female character), it was a real story, with two characters who have to overcome personal obstacles, earn each others trust and protect each other from others who would see them dead.

After reading "Fury" I went on the second book, "Slade" and was even more impressed. It had humor! I mean, honest to goodness, funny stuff that had me giggling even when the jokes were of a sexual nature. The heroine, Trisha was one tough cookie and didn't take crap from any human or New Species, even the one she was so desperately attracted to.

So here I am, a week after I started reading the New Species series and I am almost caught up. I have two more to read until I have to wait until the next release which makes me one sad Panda.

I was so happy to be wrong about erotic romance and will be looking for more reads just like Laurann Dohner's New Species series. I hope, if you haven't given it a try, you at least give Laurann Dohner a chance, and let me know what you think!


  1. I too have shunned Erotic romance novels due to one bad apple...maybe I'll give it another shot with this author...you have an amazing writers voice! I enjoyed reading this. I'll add to my wish list now!

    1. Thank you! It's been years since I've written anything and I've found that I've missed it so much.
      That one bad apple really made a bad impression on me so I was really hesitant about trying Laurann Dohner's New Species series but I am so glad I did. I hope you enjoy the series.

  2. Well said. I am a huge Erotic romance fan but have also read many that are just sex. I also want them to have a plot and something where I can connect to the characters. My first erotic Romance book was by Lora Leigh and have been hooked since then. Her books have alot of Uber Alpha Males so she is a hit or miss for a lot of people. I am new to Laurann Dohner books so far only read 3. Love her New Species series.


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