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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Review: Once Upon a Plaid by Mia Marlowe

Format: .epub (provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review)
Publisher: Kensington
Release Date: October 7, 2014

A wife may be courted, too. . .

Many would count Katherine Douglas fortunate indeed. Laird William Douglas is broad-shouldered, gentle-handed, everything a lass could dream. But after four years of marriage, Katherine still knows little of what goes on in his heart. And she has yet to bear him an heir. The distance between them is too great--and so she flees over the snowy highlands to Glengarry Castle, home of her childhood, to set her husband free.

But William won't let his wife slip away without a fight. Before long, he's at her father's threshold himself, witness to the rumbles of discontent in Glengarry, the bright joy of Yuletide at a family hearth, and the hidden needs of his own beloved. . .

Once Upon a Plaid was an angst filled, tender and passionate romance that brought tears to my eyes on many occasions and of course, a smile to my face at the end.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tasty Book Tours: Tempting Mr. Weatherstone by Vivienne Lorret (Review)

It seems like I've been discovering my fair share of new to me authors! You won't hear me complaining though, you can never have too many authors to read don't you think? Has anyone else read Vivienne Lorret before?

About Vivienne Lorret:

I fell in love with fairy tales and the romance behind happily ever after at a very young age. Like a lot of you, I tweaked the fables bit by bit in my imagination until they suited me perfectly. By the time I was eleven, a teacher encouraged me to start writing.

Throughout the years that followed, my teachers remained my most fervent supporters, giving me the tools I needed to continue my journey as a writer.

My husband and I have two teenage boys, who are heroes in their own right. For now, we live in a small Midwestern town near Lake Michigan…until a time in the future when a new adventure calls us to other shores.

I am currently working on my next novel, but I always enjoy hearing from my readers. Feel free to email me at vivienne@vivlorret.net

Find Vivienne:

Release Day Promo: Choosing Evil by Kristina Rienzi (Giveaway)

Good morning! I hope you’re ready for another giveaway because today there are THREE prizes up for grabs including Amazon gift cards!

Choosing Evil by Kristina Rienzi is out today and I’m happy to participate in promoting this paranormal romance. But first, a quick note from the author herself:

Hey guys!

Thank you so much for stopping by today to check out my debut novel, Choosing Evil! This baby was a labor of love, for sure. And, its tagline, 'Embrace Your Inner Demon' has already raised some eyebrows around my small beach town (oops!).

Well, if you're into the paranormal like I am, it won't shock you to know the demons in Choosing Evil are not only sexy and bad-ass, but full of emotional baggage and human appeal.

While Choosing Evil is Serafina's story, her love interest, Damon is a giant part of it. If you like what you read, get ready for the sequel, Breaking Evil, which I'm hoping to release in 2015. Both books are part of The Ensouled Trilogy, which not only pits good against evil, but makes each character, and reader, question what evil really means to them.

I hope you have fun today getting introduced to Choosing Evil, and me! Don't forget to find me on social media and, of course, sign up for my giveaways below :)

Thank you again for helping me celebrate Choosing Evil's release!


Monday, November 24, 2014

Review: Holiday on Ice by Jaci Burton

Format: .epub (provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review)
Publisher: PENGUIN GROUP Berkley, NAL / Signet Romance, DAW
Release Date: November 18, 2014

Superstar hockey player Patrick “Trick” Niemeyer and dancer Stella Slovinski have picked up where they left off a year ago, resuming their hot, uncomplicated affair. Stella refuses to call it dating, or a relationship. But lately, Trick is looking for more…

Stella’s been burned before—in a relationship she never talks about—not with her family, not with her friends, and definitely not with Trick. But now it’s the holiday season and Trick is determined to give Stella his heart wrapped up in a bow. He knows Stella is the right woman for him, but he’ll have to melt the ice surrounding her heart to keep her from walking away.

Aaaand it’s time for another sexy, sports romance from the awesome Jaci Burton and just in time for the holidays!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Book Promo: Undesired Lust by Eden Summers (Excerpt + Giveaway)

You all know that I LOVE Eden Summers' Reckless Beat series right? I mean, I really love these guys, they're sexy, they're flawed, they're... childish with each other. I know, not something you expect me to say but if you read the first book, Blind Attraction then you'll get what I'm saying and you'll love it. So I have a great excerpt for you today and Eden, being the lovely lady she is, will be giving away the following prize:

Excerpt (Explicit)

“Fuck, I’ve wanted you,” he grated.

She whimpered, testing the restraint of his hands, needing to touch him, to trail her fingers along the strong lines of muscle at his shoulders. There was no doubt she lacked the finesse of all the groupies he’d been with. She wasn’t a cock slayer. But she wanted to give him pleasure. She needed to blow his mind.

He tightened his grip, not letting her free. “I’ve wondered what you taste like,” he murmured, moving to her other nipple. “I’ve pictured these breasts for nights on end.”

Oh, god, Mason Lynch. This moment would forever go down in history as the best drunken mistake of her life.

“I don’t believe you,” she panted. “You have millions of women at your disposal.”

“And the only one I wanted was you.”

His fingers slid through the slick arousal of her pussy, and her core clamped down in response, begging for penetration. He pinched her clit, the light nip of pain making her jolt before he filled her with his touch. “Watching you with Sean nearly killed me.”

She expected the previous lines from a playboy of his caliber, but not his latest admission. Even though his tone and his touch matched the sincerity of his words, she would never believe he had feelings for her. She couldn’t. If she fell under his spell, she’d never recover.

Opening her eyes, she stared at him in annoyance. “Don’t play me.”

He released her hands, letting her arms fall to her sides while his thumb gently rubbed her clit. “Ask me in the morning, and I’ll deny it, but you undo me, kitten. I’ve never had a woman intrigue me like you do.”

They used to be the perfect team.

Two years ago, songstress Sidney Higgins ruined her life by sleeping with not one, but two of the famous Reckless Beat men, Mason Lynch and Sean Taiden. Their night of intimate celebration turned into a worldwide sensation when the video Mason vowed to keep private was uploaded to the internet, destroying her squeaky-clean reputation and turning the world against her. Now she’s broken and left without hope, trying to find the one thing that can get her back on her feet.

A mistake neither one of them is willing to forgive.

When the sex tape went viral and his best friends held him accountable, Mason bore the stigma of asshole with pride. Now, bitterness has destroyed him, driving away his muse and making him worthless in the industry he loves. There’s only one option left to reclaim his creativity, but that would mean collaborating with a woman who wants to castrate him with a plastic knife.

A palpable chemistry even hate can’t diminish.

Forced to work together, neither one of them is prepared for the undesired lust which immediately takes hold. The lies fade away, exposing the truth; however, it also awakens a threat from their past. The person responsible for tearing them apart is back to ensure they don’t rekindle a spark. With their safety in the balance, Sidney and Mason need to determine what they’re willing to risk to reclaim a relationship they wish they’d never lost.

About Eden Summers:

Eden Summers is a true blue Aussie, living in regional New South Wales with her two energetic young boys and a quick witted husband.

In late 2010, Eden's romance obsession could no longer be sated by reading alone, so she decided to give voice to the sexy men and sassy women in her mind.

Eden can't resist alpha dominance, dark features and sarcasm in her fictional heroes and loves a strong heroine who knows when to bite her tongue but also serves retribution with a feminine smile on her face.

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Author's Pal Book Tour: Heating it Up (Excerpt + Giveaway)

Happy Friday everyone! We’re closing in on Thanksgiving, who’s ready? I am! I’m such a foodie it’s not even funny. Today I’m happy to have an excerpt from The Captain’s Temptress by Averil Reisman, which is part of Heating it Up, a boxed set with SEVEN full length novels from seven very talented authors. I think I’m going to get this one for myself!

There’s also a really awesome giveaway ($100 gift card to any online bookstore of the winner’s choice). Good luck guys and have fun!

About the Box Set
Love Across the Ages...Seven best-selling and award-winning authors bring readers historical romantic adventures set in Medieval Scotland, Regency England, Civil War America, the Wild West, and Gilded Age America. We’re Heating It Up one hero at a time with Scottish Highlanders, Regency Rakes, Union Spies, Mountain Men & Sexy Smugglers.

This LIMITED EDITION BOXED SET contains seven sensual, full-length novels.

NIGHT STORM by Tracey Devlyn
A promising young apothecary picks up the pieces of her life, only to collide with the ruthless thief-taker who once shattered her dreams and her heart.

RAFE'S REDEMPTION by Jennifer Jakes
He rode into town to buy supplies, not a woman…

A heart's destiny cannot be denied when a daring Union spy abducts a beautiful runaway bride he suspects of being a traitor.

A warrior on a mission is tempted by an alluring lass, and though she's been forbidden she'll break every rule for the pleasure of his
intoxicating kiss.

CAMERON by Lane McFarland
To heal a warrior’s heart takes patience. But to resist a warrior’s
heart takes fortitude.

Blackmailing her way onto a ship of gunrunners bound for the Caribbean, Samantha Etheridge proves to be more than a mere opportunistic reporter to Captain Sean Nolan--perhaps even a first mate.

Proving his worth to the woman he loves might cost them both their lives.

Purchase Links
Kindle l Apple iBooks l Nook l Google Play l Kobo

About Averil Reisman

Averil Reisman loves to write steamy American-set historical romances of the Gilded Age and Gay Nineties--the late Victorian period during which America's industrial age aristocracy lived like lords and ladies of England.

A closet feminist, she admires the brave women of this era who fought for equal voting rights, and who often broke the mold to bring about social change and women's equality. Writing about strong women, and the alpha males who love them, is one of her greatest passions . . . besides her loving husband.

Now an empty nester, Averil and her husband live in a far northwest suburb of Chicago. On a nice day, you might catch her out tending her flowers. But on a nasty day, she can be found in her library/office at her computer surrounded by a sea of research material, or reading the next book club selection, or playing MahJongg or Canasta.
Find Averil Reisman
Online l Facebook l Twitter l Goodreads

Excerpt from The Captain’s Temptress


Sean jumped, dread seizing his lungs. Someone overheard us! He reached behind the drape and grabbed the intruder by the arm. Electricity zipped through his body, leaving his nerve endings tingling. His hand had fallen upon the soft, silken skin of a woman. Pulling the trespasser into the moonlight, he recognized Samantha Ethridge, the gossip collector.

“You!" he sputtered.

Samantha opened her mouth, probably to scream. He clamped his palm over her lips. His skin sizzled, singed by her warm breath. He jerked his hand away.

“What are you doing in here?" A combination of fear and fury gripped his insides.

With one hand still clamped on her bare arm, he shook her, his frustration with having been caught agreeing to an illegal act converted into the one repeated motion. A hair stick fell from the neat coil at the base of her neck, and a thick strand of her curly red hair sprang free. She struggled against him with the rage of a captured animal, the curl flapping against her smooth cheek. The fragrance of lilacs and woman rose around him like stormy sea spray.

“Stop shaking me." In the moonlight, her dark eyes sparked fire behind her round wire-rimmed spectacles.

Sean forced air out of his near-frozen lungs and squeezed her arm. “I’ll ask you again. What are you doing in here?"

She played with the coil at her cheek for a moment. Her head tilted sideways, her long slim neck exposed. “I . . . I wanted to be alone. The room was empty. I hid when I heard you walking down the hall. This place reeks of a male bastion. I doubted I would be welcome in here."

He pulled her closer. The top of her head came to his chin. “Are you going to print what you overheard in your newspaper? If you do, you’ll be ruining the lives of more than just me."

Samantha glared at him a few seconds, her eyes alive with some devious plan she seemed to be formulating on the spot. “I could, or I could go straight to the authorities. But I won’t do either. I want you to take me with you."

Sean’s heartbeat paused for a fraction of a second. He frowned, his intense hostility toward gossip columnists surfacing anew. “The hell I will. No one blackmails me. Least of all, you."

He looked down his nose at her, at the inviting display of femininity revealed by the cut of her gown. It surprised him he could notice her considerable charms when she was about to bring his world down about him. His gaze returned to her eyes, now filled with defiance.

She clamped her jaw firm in a face he might have considered attractive if it weren’t for her scowl. “Blackmail? I suppose you could call it that. You’re sailing to Cuba and I want to report what’s happening there."

Sean tightened his grip on her arm. “I don’t give a damn what you want. You’re not stepping foot on my ship."

She drew herself up and stepped closer. A slight tilt of her head brought her face inches from his. The heat of her body radiated through the space between them. He tamped down an urge to step back.

“I’m going with you, and you have no say in the matter." A pulse point along her neck throbbed visibly with a speed betraying her fear. Or was it excitement pulsing through her veins?

Sean squinted at her. “Like hell you will. This is not a luncheon cruise on the Amelia River, Miss Ethridge. It’s a dangerous mission and not for lady reporters who write about women’s hats and dinner parties."

Her head pitched back, and her lips disappeared in a thin line. A shimmer appeared in her emerald eyes. He’d hit a nerve. Odd. The only soft spot in her behavior seemed to relate to her position as a society reporter.

Why is she so desperate to write a news story that she’d commit blackmail? “Have you ever been to sea?" he asked through clenched teeth.


“Then you don’t know what being seasick feels like. For your edification, let me tell you. Your stomach churns into foam, your insides quiver like gelatin. You can’t keep anything down, not even water. You’re cold and hot at the same time, your head throbs, you can’t stand up and you can’t lie down. You’re miserable and you start to think death would be more welcome. That’s in relatively calm seas."

He pulled in a deep breath, and continued. “We might run into a nor’easter and the ship will pitch up and down and side to side. We’ll be crossing the Gulf Stream where the waters will be almost as bad. You may well retch your insides out for the entire voyage."


For all of two seconds.

“I won’t get seasick," she said, her jaw set, eyes blazing with the heat of conviction and something else he couldn’t identify.

Like hell you won’t. He tried another tack. “Your family will worry. How could you leave them?"

A shadow passed over her face and a tiny wrinkle formed between her brows. “Believe me, my father won’t miss me."

“I doubt that. If I was your father and you disappeared, I’d be frantic with worry. What about the man who accompanied you tonight? Charles Goodfellow, is it?"

“His name is Goodlow, Charles Goodlow, and I didn’t come with him, and besides, he doesn’t matter."

He tucked that point away for now. He didn’t like the man either. “You’ll lose your job for being away so long. The assignment is a two-month charter."

“My being gone won’t be a problem." Sadness flitted through her eyes and disappeared.

What caused it? Why doesn’t she think anyone would care? “We’re embarking on an illegal venture, Miss Ethridge. If we get caught, you’ll be thrown in jail, maybe tried for treason. Hanged. I don’t want your death on my conscience."

She hesitated, her forehead wrinkled in thought. “If the worst happens, the risk would have been mine, not yours."

Admiration for her determination wormed its way into Sean’s thoughts.

But didn’t stay long. As a sea captain, as a man, he couldn’t let her take the risk. To do so, would be less than honorable.

He leaned to within an inch of her face. Her spectacles had slipped down her straight nose. “You’re not going, and that’s final."

She stepped back and picked something off her dress. “If you think things through with a clear mind, Mr. Nolan, you’ll realize I hold the advantage here. I’m sailing on the Raven, or I go to the authorities. Better yet, I write the story tonight for tomorrow evening’s paper." She glared at him through eyes like slits. Eyes that taunted.

His heart raced. Was she bluffing? “You wouldn’t dare."

“Oh, no? Let’s see who has the final say. Excuse me, I have a story to write." With a toss of her head, she turned to leave, her skirts swishing against his legs.

In the next instant, he pictured the front page headline of tomorrow’s Fernandina Sun: Nolan Shipping Heir Plans Illegal Gun Run to Cuba. If she printed the story, he’d be jailed, his ship confiscated, and the company ruined. Worse, his parents would be disgraced. He froze, his mind, his body unable to function.

Samantha reached for the door-knob.

Sean sprang into action. Three strides brought him across the room. “Wait." He grabbed her arm and pulled her about. She scrutinized him with steely eyes. Her lips parted.

He poked a finger into the bony part of her shoulder. The sensation of her soft, bare skin still burned in his memory. “Let’s get this straight. I’m in command of the Raven and you’ll do as I say and everything I say. I don’t want you in the way of my crew or doing anything to jeopardize this charter. Do you understand?"

“Perfectly." A small smile twitched at the edges of her mouth.

“If you tell anyone what this journey really entails, including your father, I’ll leave you standing on the dock. Do I make myself clear?"

“Don’t worry. I won’t say a word. You can trust me."

Could he? Sean searched her face. Her features had altered. She possessed an air of excitement he hadn’t noticed before. Still, uneasiness settled deep in his gut. He hated trusting her to keep his secret based solely on her determination to sail with him. Would she betray him?

“Don’t for a minute think you’ve won," he said. “This journey will be dangerous, and I’ll be busy with other things. You’ll have to fend for yourself."

“I can do that."

I doubt that! “Be down on the dock at midnight two nights from now, and keep out of sight. I’ll send someone to find you. No one must see you or you’ll put us all in jail, and don’t take more than you can carry in a knapsack."

He turned and left, slamming the door behind him.

What the hell had he gotten himself into?

$100 gift card to any online bookstore of the winner’s choice. International.

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